Review: Redlisted by Sara Beaman

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Author: Sara Beaman   
Release Date: July 30, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
ISBN: 978-1478324898
Genre: Urban Fantasy, suspense
Format(s): Paperback (242 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Author
About the book:
Kate wakes from a gunshot wound to find herself dependent on the blood of the man who shot her. She can’t remember who she is and her own face in the mirror is unfamiliar. As she tries to unravel the mystery of her own identity, she’s swept along on a covert mission she barely understands. Revenants, a vampiric race of post-mortals, maneuver for power in the world of plastic surgery, internet conspiracy theories, and information-stifling media conglomerates. Those who can control dream and memory muddy the waters as the mission converges on a underground bunker and the key to a source of eldritch power. Kate must uncover her past and tease apart clues to her companions’ urgent mission so she can take a stand before it’s too late to act.
What VampBards talking about:
With nearly 250 pages of action – whether it was fighting/battling, or viewing the memories of a character – Redlisted was interesting, and consistently kept my attention focused on the intriguing plot.
I must say that I really enjoyed the world-building Ms. Beaman created in Redlisted.  Revenants, a type of vampiric being, were our main focus.  We also saw dhampyres and ghouls.  Ms. Beaman did a spectacular job ensuring that her different-from-cannon creatures were fully explained through the course of the story.  As a reader, I found the different ‘houses’ particularly mesmerizing.  
While there wasn’t a clear-cut romance going on during the story, I see something building for future installments of Redlisted, as this was noted as ‘book 1’.  Adam and Kate are definitely meant for each other.  This first installment indicated that we would see more of our main characters, as well.  
Any fan of mythology is familiar with Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory in Greek mythology.  I found her presence in the lore of the revenant quite interesting.  Even while not driving the plot, Mnemosyne and her role was important to the story arc.  
I had a few WTH moments while reading Redlisted.  I couldn’t believe the way that Adam found out a ton of information!  Spock-like, to say the least.  Adam, for me, completely drove the plot.  In reading the blurb, you get the impression that it’s really Kate (and we don’t even learn her name until mid-way through the book) that pushes the story.  It’s not.  There’s absolutely no way that this story would be the same if Adam’s character didn’t exist.  We could do without Kate if we re-wrote another character a bit.  Adam definitely wins the Oscar for best leading actor.  
I’d have to say that best supporting actor would go to Julian.  However, there aren’t many male characters of note in the story.  Supporting actress would have to be Aya.  I can’t wait to read her story in the future, actually.  Seems like there’s a ton of things that can be revealed about her.  Haikuro, on the other hand, seems to be an angry, stagnant character.  Ms. Beaman would need to revamp her (ha!), or focus inordinate amounts of time on backstory.  Although, it seems as though the ‘reading memories’ thing is quite an effective literary device for showing character history.
I very much appreciate a non-romance focused story periodically.  Redlisted provided me with an escape from my preferred ‘HEA’ stories.  I look forward to reading future works by Ms. Beaman.
VampBards Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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