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Last-Minute Stuff

By nature, I’m a planner.  I’m a walking Franklin-Covey.  I rely on the calendar to keep my life organized.  I have a mini-meltdown when someone throws a wrench in my carefully crafted schedule.  
Sure, I can be flexible with the best of ’em.  I have to be with my job.  I’m an English teacher in an alternative education setting for kids in grades 6-12.  It’s a new adventure every day.  Nothing ever goes as planned.   
When an athletic coach doesn’t give information until the last minute, it annoys me.  It really shouldn’t be a secret what time athletes need to arrive before a cross country meet.  Last-minute it is!  Actually, this doesn’t merely annoy me.  It flat-out ticks me off.  I think it’s rude for the coach to not give parents as much warning as possible.  Our Saturdays are held hostage because of middle school cross country.  
Kids and THEIR plans.  Mmmmhmm.  Once my kids reached middle school age, they learned that they need to plan things in advance, or mom would say no… or levy tasks to repay her for messing with her schedule.  Yeah.  DS3 is still learning this.  DD2 has mastered it.  DD1 is a pro.  
What are your thoughts on changing plans?  Are you one of those go-with-the-flow people, or are you a scheduled and regimented person?  How do you feel when people change plans last-minute?  

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  1. I am NOT good with last minute. Oh sure, I can do it, especially when it’s my neighbor wanting to know if I can go to Margarita’s with her in an hour! But I am a planner. Everything in my life is on a list (several of them) or spreadsheet, or calendar. I like neat, tidy and organized. So when a last minute change comes it is hard for me mentally and emotionally. I throw an internal fit and then move on!

  2. Like TwiMom, I have everything in my life on a list of some sort. Whoever created MS Excel should be sainted. Same goes for whoever decided that putting a calendar into MS Outlook was a good idea. I haven electronic version of my schedule, a dry erase version (that’s color coded for PK – I’m purple, he’s blue, and Monkey is pink – this way all he has to do is glance at it to see if he has something planned for the day) and I have a paper version in the form of a day planner that’s never not in my purse (I know, double negative!)

    I have OCD and I don’t deal well with change. My routine is set and just the way I like it. Plans have to be made no more than two weeks (unless it’s a vacation) and no less than a week in advance. Monkey is still learning this, poor baby. She constantly asks if her friends can come spend the night or come over at the last minute. My eye actually twitches when she does this, because whatever I had planned to do usually flies out the window if I say yes. I can’t keep up with three kids and clean the house. I definitely can’t do my homework while they’re playing superhero (or as I like to call it: Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs).

    I’m learning to adjust. My planner is written in pencil now rather than the color-coded ink I love so much. But it’s better that way. 🙂

  3. So funny you mention color coding! I have 3 kids. Mr. Vampbard has 3 kids. When things get hectic & overscheduled, I revert to color coding. It started when DD1 & DD2 were playing travel soccer at the same time & DS3 was playing rec. With band stuff, other sports stuff, it got crazy. I actually ended up with a symbol representing when my mom was running a kid somewhere for me!

    Seems like the kids are slowing down a bit as they get older. That, or I’m better (most of the time) at managing the insanity!

  4. B.

    I don’t have an Excel sheet or anything, but our activities are pretty steady again right now. For just myself, though? Oh yeah. I need reminders and schedules. I’ve got the alarm program on my phone completely organized. Sometimes it lets me know what’s coming up a week, a day, AND an hour in advance, depending on what the activity is. I’ve got MCR’s “Cemetery Drive” set for the alert sound, so I get to dance a little while I’m being all punctual and stuff.

    Sleepovers and such are definitely planned events, and my two kiddos stopped asking for spur of the moment get togethers when my response was always something like, “Well, I don’t know. How’d it go cleaning your room all fourteen times I asked you to do it this week?” The scale weighing cleaning vs. company always seems to tip in favor of not having sleepovers. Pity. 😀

  5. I’d have to say that I’m willing to go with the flow if the last minute changes are things that can’t be helped. Otherwise, I’d prefer a little pre-planning 🙂

  6. I am much more flexible now than I was when my kids were younger. They had strict routines and you did not mess with them. Now however, while my calendar is still color coded, and housed on-line so nothing can happen to it if my hard drive goes down, I don’t have to necessarily plan around anyone else. With two kids out of the house and away at school, I don’t have to share the car. The one left in eighth grade is very good at getting rides if I’m booked. No asks me to move something anymore. Now I’m in the position of begging them to tell me what’s on their calendar so I can feel connected.