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Black Moon
Author: J.D. Tyler 
Release Date: Dec. 4, 2012
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Alpha Pack #3
ISBN: #13: 978-0451238832
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (352 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

      A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. But sometimes those dangers are more intimate than they bargained for…
      Ever since he saved Dr. Mackenzie Grant’s life, panther shifter and sorcerer Kalen Black has had trouble keeping the beautiful doctor out of his thoughts, and his heart. The brush with death awakened an intense passion between them—one that for the first time had the notorious loner letting down his guard.
      With the Alpha Pack battling an evil Fae who is slowly gaining control over Kalen’s mind, Kalen can no longer trust his own actions, and he breaks off his affair with Mackenzie in order to keep her safe. But when Mackenzie learns that she is carrying Kalen’s child, no amount of danger will keep her away from the man she loves. To protect his mate and unborn child, Kalen will have to battle a terrible evil, unleash the full fury of his power, and risk destroying them all…

What G & U are talking about:

      Black Moon is the third installment in the Alpha Pack series by J.D. Tyler.  In this novel, we find out the fate of Kalen (the misunderstood bad-boy) and Mackenzie (the good girl-next-door doctor) and the future of Alpha Pack as well.  A major story arc is ended at the conclusion of this novel but we know there is much more to come in this series.
       We were itching to read this installment of the Alpha Pack series.  Kalen is the odd-duck of the group.  Due to a very troubled past, he neither makes friends easily nor trusts in general.  Considering that his parents kicked him out at the age of fourteen to fend for himself – he has survived much.  To have been thrust into the group and suddenly told this is a safe place and to relax – is an anathema to him.  Kalen is inclined to believe that anything that is too good to be true will cause great pain and suffering.  Hence his wariness and sudden denouncement of Mackenzie after their very brief tryst in Black Magic, the novella that chronicles what happens to Mackenzie and Kalen on a chance night out.
      Mackenzie is in some ways Kalen’s opposite.  She is educated, compassionate and fun loving.  However, she has her own dark reasons for being a part of the Alpha Pack.  Yet, when she first laid eyes on Kalen, they both felt an instant connection.  But there were many looming obstacles to their budding relationship. Besides Kalen’s distance and pessimism, Mackenzie is a decade older and she is akin to an adopted sister to the Alpha Pack.  No one wants to see her harmed, physically or emotionally.  As one of the doctors in the group, she helps to maintain the health and wellbeing of the soldiers and has come to be a vital part of the group.  In all outwardly appearances Mackenzie and Kalen could not be more polar opposites.
      Black Moon is the culmination of all of our fears and hopes as we have watched the connection between Kalen and Mackenzie develop.  The evil Fae, Malik, has somehow bonded with Kalen and is trying to control him for his own nefarious purposes.  Kalen is torn between the promises made by Malik and the family he thinks he may have found with the Alpha Pack.  But when things that should make life better for Kalen go terribly wrong, it allows Malik to use his greatest weapon, doubt, to his advantage.  Ultimately Kalen will have to decide, but will he choose the potential home and family with Alpha Pack and Mackenzie or will he sacrifice them for ultimate power?
      As you can see, Black Moon is a gripping read.  There are many moments where you feel things are starting to look up for Kalen, only to watch as they go terribly, terribly wrong.  One element that is so central to this book is the importance of open and honest communication between people.  Mackenzie’s father, General Grant, says it well when he tells her there is no good time to give bad news.  Both Kalen and Mackenzie have a tendency to not share information in a timely manner, which leads to distrust and hurt between them.  The course of Black Moon is almost a cha-cha; two steps forward, one step back.  What keeps it from being overly frustrating or tedious is that the blame is shared between the two of them.  And that we, as the reader, have the advantage of knowing what each of them is thinking and feeling.  It helps to give credit to the situation and, at least kept us from screaming at them.
      So much is riding on the choice that Kalen will make in Black Moon.  He is an incredibly powerful sorcerer with the potential for good or evil.  Kalen’s past gives him the perfect excuse to embrace his powers for his own comfort and satisfaction.  For once the pre-cog leader of the team is not sure what side Kalen will choose – or even on which side his inclination lies.  There is quite a buildup to the final confrontation.
      Black Moon is the resolution of a major story arc.  Although one element is resolved, there is so much more left at the end.  In some ways it is a cliffhanger in that we have no clue what awaits us in the next novel (due out summer of 2013).  However, we encourage you, if you haven’t, to pick up the Alpha Pack series.  You need not read Black Magic in the course of the series, but we encourage you to do so.  It is actually book 2.5 in the series, and enriches Savage Awakening along with Black Moon.  

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Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)
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