Review: City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

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City of Dark Magic
Author: Magnus Flyte  
Release Date: Nov. 27, 2012
Publisher: Penguin
Series: City of Dark Magic #1
ISBN: 978-0143122685
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Format(s): Paperback (464 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

      Once a city of enormous wealth and culture, Prague was home to emperors, alchemists, astronomers, and, as it’s whispered, hell portals. When music student Sarah Weston lands a summer job at Prague Castle cataloging Beethoven’s manuscripts, she has no idea how dangerous her life is about to become. Prague is a threshold, Sarah is warned, and it is steeped in blood.
      Soon after Sarah arrives, strange things begin to happen. She learns that her mentor, who was working at the castle, may not have committed suicide after all. Could his cryptic notes be warnings? As Sarah parses his clues about Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved,” she manages to get arrested, to have tantric sex in a public fountain, and to discover a time-warping drug. She also catches the attention of a four-hundred-year-old dwarf, the handsome Prince Max, and a powerful U.S. senator with secrets she will do anything to hide.

What VampBards talking about:

      Feeding the musician with her favorite composer?  Yes, please!  Sure, the blurb talks about Beethoven, but I never dreamed that Magnus Flyte would create such a compelling plot surrounding the mystery of Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved!
      I took notes on the characters in this novel. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get my wires crossed.  Eventually, I did stop taking notes; I figured that I would be able to keep things straight because I had fallen completely in love with the characters created in City of Dark Magic.
      I adore Sarah.  This tenacious heroine of our story had more guts than I initially gave her credit.  Beginning the story, she appeared to be an insecure music historian, trying to find her own way in the shadow of her mentor.  When she received her invitation to curate the Beethoven collection in Prague, I felt she began coming out of her shell.  Sarah, however, was no prude.  The girl likes sex, and she’s adventurous!
      Nico.  A little person.  He’s positively ancient, too.  His teasing bites of snark kept me chuckling and on my toes.  No.  There wasn’t anything kinky about Nico.
      Max, however, began the story shielded in mystery and intrigue.  Sure.  He’s the heir to the prince-dom.  He’s not the stuffy type, however.  I do have to say that I truly appreciated Max after a surprise event near the beginning of the title.
      I really like the fact that Flyte brought in The Golden Fleece.  I had to squee just a little bit; here I am, reading a book about both Beethoven and some mythology.  **Boggle**  Additionally, we have espionage on the world level.  KGB, CIA, and assassination.  Yup.  It’s all here.
      Lest you’re thinking this is a stuffy, academic book, think again.  The light humor made my day, even when dealing with a difficult topic:

“The way across has been revealed to me, and I intend to cross over tonight.” … “That doesn’t even sound like him,” Sarah frowned.  “Shabotsky was fusing traditional musicology with brain science.  He definitely did not talk like Professor Dumbledore.” 

      Even though City of Dark Magic started off a whole lot like The Historian for me, it definitely had a lighter feel, along with some fun and hot sex.  Even though most people would never believe that a LSD-type trip would make for interesting reading, I was riveted.  Yup.  That’s a tease.  You’ll have to pick up a copy of City of Dark Magic to solve the mystery of the meds, and the other intrigue laced expertly throughout the story.  I look forward to reading future installments from Flyte.

VampBards Rating:

Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)


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