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Exposed to You
Author: Beth Kery 
Release Date: Nov. 6, 2012
Publisher: Berkley Trade
One Night of Passion Series #2 
(series also includes two novellas)
ISBN: #978-0425259153
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Format(s): Paperback (320 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
It’s not often you’re hired to paint a body tattoo–and what a body–on a total stranger at a Hollywood film set. A reserved and careful art teacher, Joy would never forget it. In a rare fit of raw desire she gave herself completely, knowing she’d never see him again, or ever repeat such a shameless, naked impulse.
Little did she know, the man with whom she shared that lightning bolt of lust was star Everett Hughes. For Everett, women and sex came as easily as fame. But how could he hope to convince the guarded Joy that beneath the hard body and sexy façade of celebrity was a real man who wanted only one, real woman?
In the heat of an intoxicating affair, Everett endeavors to break down her barriers, gain her trust, and expose himself as the real deal. But can Joy do the same, and reveal to him the vulnerable woman who longs to be loved, wanted, and desired forever?
What Nimas talking about:
This is weird way to start a review, but when I read, my mind makes connections to other things I’ve read and seen.  I can’t help it.  It happens without conscious thought on my part… So have you seen Face Off, the television show? It’s one of those reality competition shows that my mother, of all people, has gotten me hooked on.  It’s all about movie make-up and the process of turning actors into characters.  Because of my love of science fiction and fantasy, I marvel over every episode as competitors are given a theme and then magic happens. Connection?  Main character Joy Hightower in Beth Kery’s Exposed to You is the niece of famous movie make-up and special effects artist Seth Hightower. She is an accomplished artist and teacher and often helps her uncle on movie sets.  This is where she meets, through a very unconventional interaction, Everett Hughes.  Everett is the latest and greatest hunk of an A-list movie superstar.  Special effects and a gorgeous guy?  I was hooked.
The fact that Everett Hughes was presented to us as a famous heart throb, I couldn’t help but mentally casting him.  In my mind I created a face (and body) very much like Chris Hemsworth. Connections again.  The first time I saw Chris Hemsworth as Thor without his shirt on, I made an involuntary sound and had to apologize to my husband seated next to me in the theater.  It’s that same reaction that women have to Everett Hughes all throughout the book.  It’s also one of the justifications Joy uses to keep distance between herself and Everett when he becomes enamored and pursues her.
Joy has good reasons to put off a relationship with Everett, but after, oh I don’t know, the sixth intensely sexual encounter with him, you’d think she could begin to let down some of those emotional walls and believe that Everett has legitimate feelings for her.  More significantly, that she has feelings for him.  Their relationship is so intense that I sometimes just had to put the book down.  *fans herself*  Then, of course, after making a few notes to Google® and discuss with my husband, had to pick it up again!
The characters were genuine and likable.  Everett is surprisingly down to earth and surrounds himself with family who keep him that way.  This makes him supremely endearing.  We get all the fantasy of a red carpet première, the intimacy of a weekend get-away in the woods, and a climax that was for me, very intense (pun intended).  Joy must finally face those walls and make the choice to be vulnerable.  I must confess I prefer this kind of heroine over ones who need to find their backbone.  I like women who operate from a position of strength.  It felt to me like Joy took longer than necessary to reach her conclusions, but not when you step back and realize the bulk of the story covers only a few weeks.
Kery makes no bones about the kind of books she writes.  The tagline on her website says:  Steam for the Sophisticated Reader.  I don’t know if it makes me sophisticated, but I did have to go look up a couple of vocabulary words—not a source I was expecting for this task.  I should note that while this is a series, each book so far can stand on its own.  Book one, Addicted to You is written by Beth Kery but as Bethany Kane and tells the story of Everett’s sister Katie and his best friend, Irish movie director Rill Pierce.  They both make several appearances in Exposed to You.  There are also two novellas in the series which tell the shorter stories of other characters in Everett’s past.    
Exposed to You lives up to its name.  At times, I felt a little exposed just reading it.  Read it.  Just remember to breathe…
Nimas Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I’ve been on the fence for this series b/c I’m such a cheapskate and the e-book and trade PB price are a bit high for me. Definitely going to be putting this on the “look for sales” list 🙂