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Hello Readers! Today I bring you author KT Grant. KT is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well-known book reviewer and blogger who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and known for writing “out of the box” romances. KT has been mentioned in the Guardian.UK, Publisher’s Weekly’s Beyond the Book and at KT is a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick.
KT is here today to share an exclusive excerpt of her upcoming lesbian paranormal romance, Sharp Bite of Pleasure (Book #1 in the Pleasure Bite series). Coming from Lyrical Press ( on June 3, 2013. Please help me welcome KT to That’s What I’m Talking About
About Sharp Bite of Pleasure
Alexa Dangelis, the daughter of the vampire king of the vampire capitol of Vila Pluvia and the East Coast, has returned home after eight years to attend her father’s funeral. The public believes King Christophe committed suicide, but Alexa thinks he was murdered, possibly by her power hungry half-brother Bradley. She’ll make Bradley pay for his crime before he stops her from becoming the new queen.
Werewolf, Penny Seiler and Alexa were once secret lovers before Alexa left her to marry the West Coast vampire king. Penny has never gotten over Alexa’s betrayal and now she lives in fear that Alexa will try and claim her again. When she and Alexa meet again, the sparks between them flares and Penny slowly succumbs to Alexa’s seduction.
And now for the exclusive excerpt
The first time Penny and Alexa see each other again after eight years apart…
The floral air brushed over her face, giving her the calming effect she required. She needed some sort of solace after her near breakdown in the bathroom. At least no one had witnessed her embarrassing reaction…well, maybe one had. She didn’t know what excuse she would give Lissa for running from the room like the devil was on her back.
Lissa…Alexa… Her mind was still a jumbled mess and she needed to clear it before she returned inside and pretended like everything was fine. Unfortunately, her date and most likely her brothers would know something was off. They were tuned in to her moods too well. She hated being an open book for them. It disturbed her, just as it had when Alexa walked down those stairs…
Penny shook her head, trying to erase the woman from her mind. She studied the half moon, edgy with the urge to shift and run. For now she would have to wait. Transforming into a snarling and furry beast at a state function like this would be considered gauche.
Giggling at the idea of trotting into the ballroom in her wolf form and scampering around the well-dressed government officials, she walked deeper into the grassy labyrinth.
A few minutes later she reached the center. A small water fountain stood in the corner and a gazebo in the middle with a bench, vacant for her to sit and view the starry sky. For once the sky was clear, unlike the past few months when passing storms had popped up unpredictably.
She sat and listened to the soft breeze flowing through the leaves. Music from the palace trickled over to her. She began to meditate, trying to find a balance taught to her by her therapist years ago.
She was close to reaching equilibrium when she heard a slight crackling on the dirt path behind her. She stiffened and rose, facing the one who would try to claim her soul again.
“Hello, Alexa. Why am I not surprised you’d find me?” She didn’t wait to be addressed. Her voice sounded strong and unyielding, at least to her ears.
“The moment I entered the ballroom, I knew you were there. Your unique scent is easy to recognize.” Alexa emerged from the shadows. “How many years has it been since we last saw one another?” She continued walking toward her and climbed up into the gazebo.
Penny expected Alexa to overpower her. Surprisingly, she kept her distance. Penny didn’t back away as she wanted to and soaked in the vision of this immortal woman who had come close to destroying her with her treachery.
“Eight years to be exact. You look well,” she responded politely. No matter what hardship a vampire went through, they always appeared unmarked by whatever affliction might fall upon them.
“So much time has passed.” Alexa took another step. “You look…distressed. Did my appearance here tonight unsettle you?”
Penny’s laugh was empty. “Stop playing games. You know full well it would ‘unsettle’ me.” She shrugged, feigning boredom. “It’s a knee-jerk reaction. You make quite an impression wherever you go.”
“From the aroma of your sweat and your hesitance, I can tell I made quite the impression on you. You’re not immune to me as you want me to believe.”
Penny backed away and cursed in her head. Humor crossed Alexa’s face and she moved forward.
“So, it’s going to be a cat and mouse game between us?” she asked, placing a hand on her hip. Penny waited for Alexa to charge after her, to grab her and hold her in a passionate embrace like she used to.
“Are you’re remembering all the times we chased each other in the woods and then made love for hours?” Alexa asked, suddenly standing too near.
She did her best not to react when Alexa brushed a finger over her cheek.
“Your touch doesn’t affect me anymore.” Penny stepped back and crossed her arms to hide their trembling. “Actually, I’m thinking how much of a pushy bitch you were.”
Alexa laughed and tapped her mouth with a manicured nail. “I missed you more than you can know.”
Penny laughed hollowly. “Oh please. I’m no longer some dumb, immature kid who ended up fucking a spoiled daddy’s girl.”
Alexa was quiet beside her, although Penny could feel the hum of anger coming from her.
“Alexa, I–”
“No. Don’t apologize,” Alexa moved off to the side and away.
Penny felt like she had lost something. Why? It didn’t make any sense. She was used to that yawning emptiness ever since Alexa had left. She’d almost died after Alexa had been with her one final time with the intent to say goodbye due to her impending marriage. Memories of that night she’d admitted her love made her eyes burn. Shame spread through her over the way she had reacted to Alexa’s rejection in the days following.
“You’re right, I was spoiled. With a snap of my fingers I had whatever I wanted, or my father would acquire it for me.” Sadness filtered into Alexa’s voice.
Sympathy for Alexa clogged Penny’s throat. She jabbed her nails in her palms to stop from reaching for her. Her arms ached with the need to hold Alexa and touch her, but it was more like a phantom pain. She cleared her throat, trying her best to remain civil and not run away or do something stupid like grab Alexa and kiss her.
“I’m sorry about King Christophe. His death…suicide was a horrible loss.”
“He didn’t kill himself!”
She had never heard such an emotional outburst from Alexa before, even when they were intimate with one another. Alexa stepped toward her again. She retreated and landed up against the wooden railing of the gazebo. “The newspapers announced his death after they were sent an official statement. There’s been nonstop talk, rumors…discussions on television and on the blogs.”
“Stupid modern technology,” Alexa muttered, sliding in closer.
Riddled with tension, Penny dug her nails in the railing, observing Alexa carefully. “Don’t tell me you’re surprised by gossip about your family in the media. It’s been like that for years.” She counted herself lucky the gossip rags had never got wind of their relationship.
The only noticeable reaction from Alexa was the small strain lines around her mouth. They vanished as soon as they materialized and she was back to being cold and aloof. Penny snorted. How did I ever fall for this woman in the first place and allow her complete access to my body?
Alexa’s smile made Penny’s stomach contract.
“Now you’re thinking about the times we made love,” Alexa said in an assured voice.
Penny bolted to the center of the gazebo as Alexa slowly stalked her. She’s still upset about her father. Must be the reason she changed the conversation at the drop of a hat. “Your intuition is not what it used to be. I must have been crazy to have a fling with you in the first place.”
Her statement came out harsher than she’d intended and it hit home. Alexa’s cheek twitched and she eyed Penny in stony silence, licking her lips.
Penny’s inner thighs quivered. Shit. Alexa would pick up on it.
“For all your cutting, juvenile remarks, and acting like you’re not attracted to me, your scent tells me the opposite.”
She crossed her arms and widened her stance. “Childish?” She purposely ignored the mention of her arousal. Damn the vamp and her keen sense of smell!
“Yes, you’re acting like a bad-tempered child.” Alexa crossed her arms to mimic her.
Penny longed to stamp her foot in annoyance but didn’t. “You’re such a wise-ass. Some things never change.”
“I agree with you there. We’ve come full circle. Do you remember the first time I caught you? I do. From the moment I saw you at the street fair in Three Points, I wanted you and nothing was going to stop me from taking you.”
Penny remembered all too well. She’d been so scared when the vampire king’s daughter approached her on the street and invited her to spend the night with her at one of the most expensive hotels in Vila Pluvia. She’d politely refused and ran away, searching for her brothers for protection. But Alexa had caught up with her and pushed her into a side alley against a wall and gave her a kiss, her first from a woman. When Alexa got down on her knees and gave her an orgasm with her talented mouth, regardless of being in public, Penny changed her mind and welcomed anything Alexa wanted to do to her. She ended up spending the night and early morning hours rolling around on silk sheets with the seductive, aggressive vamp. Over the course of the next two years, she and Alexa had been together every chance they could get. The majority of their time spent together was them biting and kissing…sucking on one another…
She blinked, coming out of her recollection. Alexa stood less than a foot away. Penny licked her lips this time. Alexa’s mouth fell open and the edge of her fangs peeked out.  
Penny’s knees locked together.
Thank you so much, KT, for stopping by and sharing a little of your upcoming release with us today!
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