Review: For the Love of a Goblin Warrior by Shona Husk

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For the Love of a Goblin Warrior
Author: Shona Husk 
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Shadowlands Trilogy #3
ISBN: #978-1402262098
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (352 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

      Centuries ago, Meryn was thought to be utterly lost–all traces of his soul given up to the ravening goblin horde. But with the curse that enslaved him now broken, he must once again learn to walk in the realm of men.
      Nurse Nadine Gilbert likes working the night shift to avoid her disturbing dreams, but her mysterious new patient looks hauntingly familiar. Meryn knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but Nadine brings out his long-buried human side. Telling her the truth about his violent past could destroy their fragile trust. Could she ever believe in the love of a Goblin Warrior?

What G & U are talking about:

      For the Love of a Goblin Warrior is the last novel in the Shadowlands Trilogy.  All we can say is that Ms. Husk saved the best for last in her Goblins trilogy.
      This is the story of Meryl, the lost cousin, and his second chance at life and love after he witnessed his wife and children’s murders while trapped as a goblin – unable to save them from their fate.  As we know from the previous novel, Kiss of the Goblin Prince, he awakens as a human in the Shadowlands and must rely on his skills to stay alive as the only human in a land of goblins.  Meryl is pulled from the Shadowlands by Dai, his cousin, only to find himself adrift in modern society.  The stark change from life as a goblin in the Shadowlands to being a human in the modern world drives Meryl a bit mad.
      Meryl finds himself, in the beginning of For the Love of a Goblin Warrior, in a hospital, wounded (from trying to survive as human in the Shadowlands) and handcuffed by the police, waiting to be seen by a doctor.  This is where we meet Nadine, our heroine and Meryl’s only hope.  Nadine’s past is similar to Meryl’s in that she lost her family and lives with nightmares and in fear.  Her mother was killed when Nadine was only five years old.  Solomon, Nadine’s father, was convicted of the crime and spent twenty years in jail – although he maintained he was innocent throughout his prison sentence.  Although Solomon writes to her every Christmas and birthday, Nadine ignores the letters and has shunned her father.  Nadine survives by living day-to-day.  Her whole life is summed up in living with her friend Gina, running, and working the night shift as a nurse.  Not only does Meryl strive for a second chance, it seems Nadine, unbeknownst to her, needs one as well.  With their chance encounter, they just might have a chance at that fairy-tale ending, if they can forgive themselves, let go of the past, and reach for the future.
      Gikany and Una found For the Love of a Goblin Warrior to be engaging, mystical and heartfelt.  It is a story of forgiveness, second chances (rebirths if you will), and love.  Solomon reminds himself that life is nothing without love – which is echoed by Meryl when he says life without love is only existence.  Faith, hope and love; reoccurring words and passionate feelings that are illustrated throughout this story.  Although it is not smooth sailing after Meryl and Nadine’s chance encounter, it is an engaging and realistic story – even with its paranormal elements.  Gikany and Una feel that this story truly captures the emotions of two emotionally damaged individuals who choose healing and love over fear and loneliness.
      After reading Kiss of the Goblin Prince, we had hoped to see more of Dai and much more of the magic that was introduced.  However, Dai is a minor character in this story and the magic is apparent but not investigated.  The glimmer of the magic world in this mythology is not explored in For the Love of a Goblin WarriorHowever, it seems from looking around Ms. Husk’s website, she will be starting a new trilogy that may be a spin-off of that world.
      All in all, we genuinely enjoyed For the Love of a Goblin Warrior and liked the Shadowlands trilogy.  If you are looking for something a little different, we recommend this series to you.  Especially considering the last book nicely ties the series to a close.  We eagerly look forward to the next trilogy by Ms. Husk, in July of this year.

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Liked it – recommend (B+)
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