Review: My Lord Immortality by Alexandra Ivy

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My Lord Immortality
Author: Alexandra Ivy 
Release Date: Dec. 24, 2012 (reissue)
Publisher: Zebra
Immortal Rogues #3
ISBN: #978-1420128215
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (224 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
Amelia Hadwell has no time for London’s nightlife. Not when her beloved brother’s odd ways have their family threatening to institutionalize him. And not when she is questioning her own sanity after being confronted by a murderous shadow creature—then being saved by a captivating stranger, a man who belongs to a world she cannot imagine. 
Reserved and scholarly, Sebastian St.Ives has been content without human desires—until they are reawakened by the delicate, brave Amelia, whom he is meant to protect. For the young woman has no idea she possesses the key to a ravenous vampire’s dark victory. Now Sebastian must shield her from both a killer and his own growing attraction—or bond with her completely, and forever…
What Im talking about:
Our story begins with a Prologue outlining the history of vampires in the world – and that the greatest vampire, Nefri, created a veil to hide their race from humans. This put an end to bloodlust and created a docile, intellectual vampire race. However, there are some that do not agree with Nefri’s rule and have entered the human world to recover the Medallion which gives Nefri her power. The primary antagonist, Drake, is one such vampire, and he hunts down Amelia, keeper of one-third of the Medallion.
My Lord Immortality is set in roughly Regency England, and has a definite historical feel. Amelia and her mentally/emotionally handicapped brother, William, live mostly on their own after their parents decided they’d rather not have anything to do with William. Unfortunately, women are being brutally murdered near their home, and William appears to be at the center of the investigation due to his childlike ways and misunderstood manner. This is where our hero, Sebastian St.Ives, comes in as Amelia’s protector. He was sent from the veil by Nefri to protect Amelia and her piece of the Medallion.
Before getting further in my review, I feel it necessary to note that it wasn’t until after I started reading My Lord Immortality, that I discovered 1) the book is a reissue, 2) it is the third story in a trilogy and 3) this trilogy is the precursor to a much larger, fuller series by Ms. Ivy. Knowing this, and having read this story, I would not recommend anyone pick up this book on its own merits. Although I had no trouble following along, and the plot could be read as a stand alone, I never felt any real attachment to the characters or the overall story. I feel that I would have probably enjoyed this more if I’d started the series with the first book.
The mythology created by Ms. Ivy is interesting. I like the idea that vampires have denied themselves pleasure for so long – it creates almost virginal hero-types. Sebastian is a gentleman, but also has cravings and needs once he meets Amelia. He is conflicted over his duties and his desires. This makes for good romance character-building.
However, I felt that Amelia was portrayed overly naive and as a stereotypically faint-hearted female. Although I admire that she bucked society to care for William, she seemed to undo her own courageousness over and over. Here is a perfect example, directly from Amelia’s point-of-view, “But despite the frantic urge to help, she was bound by a paralyzing fear.” And even as Sebastian and Amelia confess their feelings for each other, Amelia comes across too childlike.
In addition, the portrayal of William was too simplistic. He is eighteen, and although clearly mentally and/or emotionally handicapped, he is able to only speak in single and two word phrases. This alone seemed over-the-top. However, he also cannot follow directions,which of course leads to many problems. 
Overall, I was not overly impressed with My Lord Immortality. It’s not the author’s ability to tell a compelling story, but rather that this story felt dated and simplistic. As the third book in a prequel trilogy, I feel it should not be read as an individual title.
Also, there are holes in the story. First, William was framed for murder, and the book never addresses how or even if his name is cleared. I felt this was a huge problem, and due to this, I dropped my rating from 3 to 2.5 stars. Second, I felt that the story neglected to adequately demonstrate the romance between Amelia and Sebastian. Although they profess their love to each other, I feel that the reader is more told than shown the pair falling in love. Finally, unless I missed it, we are never told how Amelia will live forever… the fact that she is human and he is a vampire isn’t addressed to a satisfying manner.
With that all said, My Lord Immortality is easy to read, and the premise and mythology behind the tale is strong. As I stated earlier, I think I would have enjoyed this more if I’d started with the first book.
My Rating:
Finished it – take it or leave it (C)

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