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Blog Hopping

Today I wanted to chat about reading blogs and blog hopping. I have been reading various author and review blogs for four years now.  In the beginning, I added new blogs to my feed-reader almost every week. But over the past year, my blog hopping and finding new-to-me blogs has all but diminished. I check my feed-reader 1-2 times per week, and I do a lot of skimming. One thing I’ve noticed lately is a mismatch between the blogs I follow and the type of books that I like to read. What has happened is I now follow a lot of blogs that don’t review books in the genres I most enjoy reading. I don’t know if their reading habits changed over time, or if I just tend to read too narrow a scope of books, but it’s not really working for me any more.

So I’m on the hunt for new-to-me blogs. I’m looking for blogs that primary focus on book reviews and discussions in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres. I’d love your feedback!

What blogs to you read religiously? Can you suggest a blog/s that focus on reviews of paranormal romance and urban fantasy books?

Happy Reading!

10 responses to “Saturday Conversations 01/12/13

  1. I have the blogs that I follow grouped by genre and these are the one in my UF/PNR list:

    All things urban fantasy
    AwesomeSauce Book Club
    Bitten by Paranormal Romance
    Book Savvy Babe
    Claire’s Book Corner
    Dark Faerie Tales
    Fiction Vixen Book Reviews
    Little Read Riding Hood
    Paranormal Haven
    Rabid Reads
    Red Hot Books
    The Book Nympho
    The Saucy Wenches Book Club
    Vampire Book Club
    Your Urban Fantasy

  2. I also enjoy UF and PNR and these are the blogs I check regularly for the genres.

    Rabid Reads
    Red Hot Books
    Parajunkee’s View
    Under the Covers
    Underworld Love Addiction
    Addicted to Heroines
    Goldilox and the Three Weres
    Book Savvy Babe
    Hot Listens
    Awesomesauce Book Club
    The Bawdy Book Blog
    The Book Vixen
    Vampire Book Club
    Romancing the Darkside
    Little Read Riding Hood
    Fiktshun After Dark
    Paranormal Haven
    The Bookaholic Cat
    Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks

  3. I’ll be check back on this post for suggestions. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and many blogs have come and gone. I feel like I’m missing out on tons of blogs.

  4. Here are some of my Favs not including those I know we both follow for sure!

  5. @skrishna

  6. For Urban Fantasy, I like Urban Fantasy Investigations. They mainly stick to the genre and mostly reviews with a few giveaways. 🙂
    I also enjoy some of the ones listed above.
    Good luck.