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This coming Monday is the 3rd Blogiversary for That’s What I’m Talking About. As I approach this milestone, I am thinking about ways to improve my blog and provide the best possible product for my readers. I haven’t made many changes to my blog over the past couple of years, and now I’m considering a redesign. I am also considering hosting more contests with a wider reach and other features that readers would like to see.

One of the things about trying to improve and expand my blog is that it costs money. Currently I have no funds coming in to support my blog, and everything I spend comes out of my pocket. I’m not complaining – my blog is more than a hobby, it is a big part of my life. So I don’t mind spending money when I do.  However, I’ve been thinking about adding advertising to the blog to help with some of the changes I’m considering. The thing is, I don’t know much about it or even where to begin. So today I’d love to pick your brain about advertising…

If you are a blogger: Do you use advertising? How do you reach out and get the ads? Do you do your own designs? If you are willing to talk shop, please leave me your email.

If you are an author: Do you like to purchase ad space? Do you have criteria such as blog hits, that you consider before purchasing an ad? Do you design your own ads?

If you are a reader: Do ads influence your decision to buy a book? Do you have strong feelings about seeing ads on book review blogs?

Any input you all have is greatly appreciated!

Happy Reading!

4 responses to “Saturday Conversations 01/26/2013

  1. As a blogger I do not have ads on my blog. Just seems like more work and at the point in my blogging life I don’t want to worrying with it. Like you everything I do for my blog comes out of my pocket. Which is why I’m cutting back on giveaway hops. I’m going to giveaway books in 2013 that comes off my reading shelf. I’ve already spent the money on them. I just have to spend the shipping cost.

    As a reader I don’t really pay attention to ads when I visit a blog.

    I would suggest not reviewing the authors that purchase ad space on your blog just as a gray area.

    That’s my two cents on the matter.

    BTW my 3 year anniversary is coming up in March. So congrats!

  2. As a reader, ads on a blog might influence me if I ‘trust’ the site. For example, since I know XYZ reviewer likes the same books I like, I would be more inclined to purchase.

    However, as a reader I’d also want to know that you’re promoting product in which you, yourself, believed. That’s a big thing with me & ads.

  3. As an author, I’d be interested in what readers have to say 🙂

    As an Indie author, I’m like you. Everything for my writing comes out of my pockets, which are the only slim things on my person lol!!! I haven’t purchased ad space yet, though that isn’t to say I wouldn’t. I would think that author purchasing ad space would take certain criteria into consideration, particularly average daily blog hits.

    Have you also considered doing/using links? Like those links some bloggers/FB page owners do so that if it gets clicked on, you get something for it? Just tossing out ideas 🙂

    Happy soon-to-come Blogiversary!

  4. Jennifer: I’m with you… I’m afraid that the hassle of adding ads would not be worth the effort in the end – especially since I have such a small blog. Also, good point about the reviews…

    Vampbard: I agree and if I did ads, it would be for authors that I know I like, but Jennifer brought up a good point about not reviewing the authors that purchase ads… hmmmm…

    Angela: I do have the links to Amazon – at the end of every review, and if someone uses that link to purchase a book, I get about 1% or so of the purchase. However, I just don’t generate enough traffic. In the 2 years or so I’ve had it, I’ve made $10, and a large percentage of that was from my OWN purchases!