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Going Under
Author: Lauren Dane 
Release Date: Feb. 5, 2013
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Bound by Magick Book #3
ISBN: 978-0425262108
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (320 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/ NetGalley

About the book:

      In the wake of the Magister’s rampage, chaos rules. Left reeling, the Others and the humans scramble to create some sort of unity in the face of growing unrest and violence from anti-Other hate groups—and PR guru Molly Ryan is the witch who can do it. She grew up in the human world but there’s nothing left for her there. She’s lost her PR firm and her friends, and now she’s decided to put all her fight toward aiding the Others in this dark new reality. Gage Garrity, one of the few Others who survived the massacre, fears that the crusade will expose Molly to greater dangers than ever before.
      Now, together, with magick on their side, Molly and Gage are on the road in a desperate struggle to unite a torn world. From state houses to television news to legislative conference rooms across the country, they’re fighting the good fight. And it’s bringing out a passion in both of them they never expected—one as volatile, intense and all-consuming as their relentless battle for world unity. A battle that could be their undoing…

What VampBards talking about:

      Going Under, Lauren Dane’s latest edition to her Bound by Magick series, contains a delicious mix of emotionally charged content with a healthy dose of hot, steamy scenes, bringing the characters, settings, and situations to life for the reader.  Definitely a must-read for anyone who loves witch/shifter/vamp stories!
      I think what I enjoyed the most about Going Under was that the budding romance between Gage and Molly was secondary to the conflict with the human supremacist groups.  Delightfully unexpected!  However, all of the sexual tension between Molly and Gage – albeit powerful – never overshadowed the importance of the ‘war’ being waged.  THAT is the important stuff.  In a world filled with Others, systematically eliminating those that are different is nothing short of genocide.  Nothing to be taken lightly.
      I was rather shocked when Molly simply gave up and went to join the Owen coven.  After losing her partnership and her reputation due to being ‘outed’ as a witch, I thought from the start that Molly had more cajones than that.  Sure, she’s had some losses (and we hear all about it for the first approximately 40% of the title), but girlfriend needs to bounce back and be the powerful and confident woman that was pissed off that she was treated like crap.  That Molly showed up again around 65-70% mark, and seemed to remain for the rest of the title.
      Gage, super protector/hero.  Mmmhmmm.  He’s pretty high up in security for the Owen coven.  Control freak extraordinaire, Gage is immediately drawn to Molly for some inexplicable reason.  I thought it was really interesting that he felt safest when he was the one guarding her.  At first, I thought that it was because she was targeted, and he didn’t trust anyone but himself.  Fortunately, I changed my mind rather quickly.  One thing I really don’t like about Gage is the self-depreciating perspective he has of himself.  He never feels worthy.  He never feels as though he is ENOUGH, even though he plainly is spectacular at his job and within his knowledge base.  Watching Gage learn to trust and actually care for Molly was spectacular.  His feelings are entirely on his sleeve.  He is clearly in serious ‘like’ from early on in the book – that moment when they first met, I’d say.
      I’m not sure why it’s difficult to write this review.  I loved the book.   I look forward to the next book.  I suppose there’s a lot of action that I can’t disclose, as it would spoil the title for others.  Yeah.  That’s it.
      While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Going Under, with the intense relationship, twisted reality, and sombre tone, I’m ready, willing and able to read Faine’s story!  Gage and Molly were a fabulous couple, but I’m eager to see more of this world from a perspective other than that of a witch.

VampBards Rating:

Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)
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Going Under
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