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Reading ebooks…

Earlier this week I received the following press release:


New York, NY—February 21, 2013
Grand Central Publishing (GCP) announced today a major initiative to expand its romance publishing program over the next two years.   Celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, GCP’s romance imprint Forever and its year-old e-book only imprint Forever Yours will expand from a 2012 list of 64 titles to approximately 120 titles in 2013 and over 190 titles in 2014.  As part of this growth initiative, Forever will be adding to its editorial and marketing staff.  

Forever is the home of bestselling writers Elizabeth Hoyt, Jill Shalvis, and Larissa Ione and in recent months has acquired rising stars Jessica Sorensen, Kelli Maine, and J.A. Redmerski.  It publishes its titles in a mix of trade paperback, mass market, e-book and audio formats.

Beth de Guzman, founding editor of Forever and VP, Digital and Paperback Publisher, GCP, said of the expansion, “From the beginning, Forever has always been dedicated to publishing the highest quality romance books.   With the romance audience more robust and diverse than at any other time, we are thrilled to expand our program to match the insatiable demand in the marketplace for romance books in every format available.”

Amy Pierpont, Executive Editor, GCP, and Editorial Director, Forever and Forever Yours, said, “Romance readers are talking, and Forever is listening! Fans want more books from their favorite authors, they want them published more frequently, and they’re eager to discover new favorite authors and series. Forever’s expansion allows us to bring readers exactly what they’re asking for—and more.”

Jamie Raab, President and Publisher of GCP, said “We’ve always held a deep belief in the importance of the romance genre to our publishing program and Hachette Book Group is giving its full support to the expansion of Forever and Forever Yours.  What we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years is remarkable and I’m sure will be even more impressive moving forward.”

First, congratulations to Grand Central Press! I am excited that the world of romance genre publishing is growing, because that means more choices for fans from which to select. But it got me wondering about the explosion of “ebook only” imprints. I pretty much only read ebooks – but most are electronic versions of published paperback or hard cover titles. Over the past year plus, I’ve been adding in ebook-only selections as well, but again, most of these are novellas from established series and/or authors that I currently read. With more and more “ebook only” books being published, I wondered how many folks are out there buying them.

What about you… Do you purchase “ebook only” titles? Do you generally buy them from a large site (Amazon, B&N) or from smaller sites and/or direct from publishers? Do you try new authors with ebooks? Do you purchase novellas or full-length books?

Thanks for stopping to chat!

9 responses to “Saturday Conversations 02/23/2013

  1. I will definitely buy an e-book only title. And have, both novella and novel length. I’m a kindle reader via my mini-laptop so mine are through Amazon. It will be interesting to see how things continue to progress 🙂

  2. I prefer to read e-books, and I’ve purchased both novella and full-length titles (primarily) via AMZ since I read via Kindle. I’m not opposed to buying in a more direct manner, but the way in which books are dispensed to e-readers needs to be as simple as Amazon. I am not interested in having to use cords & cables to get a book on my Kindles.

  3. I’m lazy. I normally just buy from Amazon because they make it so easy. I get frustrated when I go to publishers websites because they rarely have the kindle option, and I hate having to put in all of my information that seems unnecessary for an ebook purchase. (ie address, phone number)

    I would totally buy an ebook only title-I’ve discovered so many new authors that way.

  4. I have many e-book only titles and usually purchase them from Amazon because I have a Kindle. I do try new authors if I like the premise and the book isn’t that expensive or if a friend recommends them. I also buy both novel and novella length stories.
    Congrats to GCP for expanding. 🙂

  5. I do prefer reading ebooks and I am excited about having more titles and authors available. It is still a little hard that I don’t have the physical book to pass on and share, but I’ll keep buying ebooks! Now… let’s work on the pricing of those books! hehe

  6. For 2012 I bought only ebooks as a personal challenge to myself. There are some books that I want to adorn my shelfs but for the most part I have switched to ebooks only.

  7. Hey, this is really awesome news! I just read an article on another blog about how publishing is dying and genre fiction is going to be wiped out, doom, gloom, etc. Clearly this is not the case!

  8. I’ve had my Kindle a little over a year now, and I actually find it more difficult to read a ‘real’ book these days. And I was worried that I would never get used to the ebooks!

    I have purchased ebook only titles, and made some pretty great author discoveries. Amazon is my primary source, but I’ve bought from others as well. 🙂

  9. I mainly read e-books these days. Any physical books I read have been requested for reviews. I buy mostly through Amazon these days, but I will buy from other sources too. I’d definitely get a book that is an e-book only title.