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Today we continue a new topic to our Saturday Conversation posts… this will be a reoccurring chat (see schedule below). I hope you enjoy this read along!

A note from the author“Due to overwhelming response, I’ll be releasing a chapter of The Boss every week, instead of every fifteen days! The first weekly installment will go live Friday, March 8th. Since I already promised chapters 5 & 6 would release together, you’re going to get two chapters next Friday, and a new chapter will release every Friday thereafter. That cuts down on your wait time between chapters, and the level of death threats and open, shameless bribery in my inbox!” 
–Abigail Barnette
Mmmhm. The Boss is here! Twice per month, we will have author Abigail Barnette here on the blog to discuss the latest installment of her serial contemporary erotic romance, The Boss. Ms. Barnette is providing The Boss free to her readers, with new chapters on the 15th and 30th of each month WEEKLY. If you’re new to our Read-Along, go to our first post HERE and see what all the fuss is about!
This week, we’re sending you to read Chapter 4 HERE, then come back to this post to discuss your thoughts on The Boss, and read what others have to say.  No.  Don’t scroll to see what they’re saying first.  Cheater.  Go. Read.  It’s only about 20 pages!  We’ve included a handy SCHEDULE below so you’ll be ready for the next installment discussion. Just bookmark Abigail’s site, and then you can devour the next chapter the moment it goes LIVE! 
We’re excited to have Abigail here, sharing her serial, The Boss, with us.  
The Boss Read-Along
Let’s start off our discussion of Chapter 4 by talking about the mixed messages between Sophie and Neil and see where the conversation leads! 

And for those who had concerns about the age gap between Neil and Sophie, have your feelings changed now that the pair have discussed it?
Discuss amongst yourselves!  Abigail and VampBard will be around to kick in their 2 cents until Tuesday!
About the Author
The alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Trout (Jennifer Armintrout), Abigail Barnette was born during a conversation with author Bronwyn Green, who encouraged Jenny to develop an elaborate fantasy persona– complete with nom de plume– under which to pen erotic romance. Abigail enjoys long naps in fairy-filled glades, running through corridors in tragically romantic haunted castles, and drinking goblet after goblet of spiced wine.

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11 responses to “Saturday Conversations 03/02/2013

  1. I’m soooo excited for weekly installments of _The Boss_! I’m anxious to hear what y’all think about the miscommunication between Sophie and Neil about resuming their relationship.

  2. I too am very excited that we will have WEEKLY installments of THE BOSS! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

    As for my thoughts… I like that Neil is actually kind of shy and awkward – I feel like his heart is in this and it’s not just about great sex. I felt the “miscommunication” was a bit awkward. Did he change is mind? Did he ponder all afternoon after their lunch about how it was left and decided to make a move? I’m guessing it’s the second.

    I’m already so nervous and fearful about how this will turn out knowing he is her boss. It’s stressing me out b/c I’m the kind of person that hates getting in trouble. I fear for their relationship if/when they are discovered!

    As for the age gap. I am glad that the pair discussed it and also had some misgivings. It’s good to know that the age difference wasn’t taken lightly and some thought when into it before they jumped into something. I feel more comfortable with the age difference now.

    Really enjoying the book so far!!

  3. The bit about the mother telling her daughter she wishes to remain ignorant of her daughter’s sexual activity was an emotional kick to the my cervix.

    I had flash backs to my own mother telling me she would rather I learn about sex from the streets than from her. -_-

    Holli getting high every chapter she’s in is bothering me. I’ve figured out this is from my lumping weed in with alcohol consumption and have very few good real life examples of healthy weed use.

    In my mind every time she lights up is equal to me drinking a glass of alcohol. Weekend binges are fine once in a while, a drink or two on the weekend is doable but a drink a night plus contentiously? No. I’ve never been in a healthy state of mind when I slipped into doing that. But I don’t think this is a fair or accurate comparison (to the weed or to Holli).

    I recall working as a baker and going to hang out at a co-work’s house after work a few times and she was as free with her weed smoking as Holli seems to be and she, the baker friend, was just fine.

    Meh. I’m also thinking Holli may be going through a more stressful than normal couple of days- with one shoot canceling without telling her, her friend freaking out over job loss and this bull shit of another website telling her to eat a sandwich. I can respect that.

    You are taking me out of my comfort zone and causing me to re-evaluate my thinking on real life topics! That is one of the many things that make you awesome!

  4. Sophie’s mom is slightly inspired by my own mother, who once told me that I could have been married twice and have seven kids, and she wouldn’t want to know that I wasn’t a virgin. Now that I’m a mother, I can understand exactly the kind of stress she was under when she made that remark – it must be terrifying to have a teenage daughter and know that she might make a not-smart choice that could change the future you envisioned for her. But my mom differed from Sophie’s mom in an important way; if I actually had a question about sex, no matter how uncomfortable it might make her, she would talk about it. 😀

  5. I am soooo excited by the change in the release schedule. I am not good at waiting for the next installment of anything. I am that girl who is always saying “One more chapter before I sleep” and then it’s the next day and I haven’t slept at all.

    Personally, I really loved the way the age difference is being addressed, that they both acknowledge it has a potential for being a tad uncomfortable, rather than the whole “Age is just a number” nonsense that a lot of authors throw at us.

    For me, the, the most important moment in this whole chapter was the phone call, where he asks if he can come and see her, and asks for her address, saying that he would never “stalk” her. I think most of us are so used to that moment in books and movies where the hero shows up at the heroine’s door, unannounced, having gotten her address from a source other than the heroine. We’ve sort of been spoon fed this idea that it’s romantic, when, in fact, it’s really, really skeevy.

  6. Yeah…my mother would not talk about sex. At all. The best response I could hope for when I was teen and tried to talk to her (because you are suppose to be able to talk to and trust your parents. You just are.)was blatant rejection which would just add to the confusion of what I was trying to ask. Though often I would get the worst reaction where she would take my question, turn it into something about her and use it to hurt me- I honestly don’t think she realized what she was doing when she did this but part of me suspects that she did.

    Eventually I just stopped going to her for anything which brought in a whole new set of problems.

    I can kinda of understand the stress about not wanting to know the dumb shit your kids are doing (from watching friends with their teen age kids and using common sense) and I don’t think I blame my mother for what she did- after all she did what she could with what she had and what she knew. She just kept herself very limited and ignorant in some area. I just know it hurt and parents are not suppose to hurt their kids like that.

    I would talk to her about this but she has this selective memory thing where conveniently she omits the times she hurt me but always recalls the times I hurt her. So our conversations always turn into about her pain and what a horrible person I am.

    So…next chapter we get sex, right? Or is Holli going to come out from where ever she is and meet the man her roommate has told her about? *personally, I think it’s rude bonk when your roommate isn’t, but if the roommate is okay with it- bonk away*

  7. Sex is on the way! But not in chapter 5. Chapter 6, though…

    There’s a reason I’m releasing them at the same time, because I fear the retribution if I delayed it any longer. 😀

  8. Annnddd… because Jenny is releasing two chapters on Friday, we’ll be around Saturday for discussion 🙂 *spasticdanceofjoy*

  9. I admit I am kind of confused about Neil’s marital status. Is he currently married but they are getting a divorce? Was he married when he had his daughter but that only lasted two years? If the latter, I would be pretty peeved as Sophie that he is still referring to her as his “wife.” Scratch that, as someone who was in a relationship with someone who went through a long separation before he was able to get a divorce, I would be peeved if he was pursuing me but still referring to his ex as “his wife,” regardless of any technicalities.

    I also find it kind of strange that these two have more than two decades as an age difference but they are making a big deal about 6 years. I think there comes a point when if you realize someone could be old enough to be your parent, you’re kind of splitting hairs when it turns out the guy has a daughter that is your age.

  10. He’s going through a messy divorce that is in the process of being finalized. So not together enoghf to be cheating but not separate enoghf for him to put her in the past tense?

    Neil never said he was married to his daughter’s mother, just that it was a previous relationship before he married his current wife of two years whom will soon be an ex-wife. Kinda makes me curious if we’ll end up meeting her.