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Today we continue The Boss Read Along at our Saturday Conversation… this will be a reoccurring chat (see schedule below). I hope you enjoy this read along!

A note from the author“Due to overwhelming response, I’ll be releasing a chapter of The Boss every week, instead of every fifteen days! The first weekly installment will go live Friday, March 8th. Since I already promised chapters 5 & 6 would release together, you’re going to get two chapters [next this] Friday, and a new chapter will release every Friday thereafter. That cuts down on your wait time between chapters, and the level of death threats and open, shameless bribery in my inbox!” 
–Abigail Barnette
Mmmhm. The Boss is here! Twice per month, we will have author Abigail Barnette here on the blog to discuss the latest installment of her serial contemporary erotic romance, The Boss. Ms. Barnette is providing The Boss free to her readers, with new chapters on the 15th and 30th of each month WEEKLY. If you’re new to our Read-Along, go to our first post HERE and see what all the fuss is about!
This week, we’re sending you to read Chapter 5 HERE and Chapter 6 HERE, then come back to this post to discuss your thoughts on The Boss, and read what others have to say.  No.  Don’t scroll to see what they’re saying first.  Cheater.  Go. Read.  It’s only about 40 pages total!  We’ve included a handy SCHEDULE below so you’ll be ready for the next installment discussion. Just bookmark Abigail’s site, and then you can devour the next chapter the moment it goes LIVE! 
We’re excited to have Abigail here, sharing her serial, The Boss, with us.  
The Boss Read-Along

Let’s start off our discussion of Chapters 5 & 6 by talking about the SMOKIN’ HAWT SEXYTIME!  I mean, if Ms. Barnette had made us wait a MINUTE longer… Was the first sex scene what you expected?  Are you shocked that you had to wait until Chapter 6?  

What did you think of the pair’s conversation and Sophie giving Neil the boot when he showed up at her apartment in Chapter 5?

Discuss amongst yourselves!  Abigail and VampBard will be around to kick in their 2 cents until Tuesday!
About the Author
The alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Trout (Jennifer Armintrout), Abigail Barnette was born during a conversation with author Bronwyn Green, who encouraged Jenny to develop an elaborate fantasy persona– complete with nom de plume– under which to pen erotic romance. Abigail enjoys long naps in fairy-filled glades, running through corridors in tragically romantic haunted castles, and drinking goblet after goblet of spiced wine.

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7 responses to “Saturday Conversations 03/08/2013

  1. Ok. First & foremost, I’m glad Neil didn’t get the booty call. Horny or not, definitely not the way to start any kind of arrangement/relationship.

    And… yes. I think Jenny made us wait too long for the hot sex. I’m happy to read more in the very near future!

    Neil & Sophie, IMHO, are much healthier than a lot of the couples I’ve read. They both seem to be remaining their own person. Maintaining their own space.

  2. I agree. I’m glad that the pair didn’t get it on that first night. I liked their open dialogue. It’s refreshing to have some honest communication. I adored how much Neil wants Sophie!

    The sex was hot and I can’t wait to see how “disturbing” they get!

  3. First of all, I thought the sex scene was awesome and great.

    That being said, I am kind of bothered by the whole Neil being married for two years, but how apparently he thought about being with Sophie “every day” for six years. When the conversation came up about why he got a divorce I half expected the answer to be because his wife figured out that Neil secretly had sex fantasies about another woman every single day that they were dating/engaged/married. I don’t know, I would be pretty upset if I found out my boyfriend was secretly obsessed with another woman from a one night stand six years ago.

  4. I agree in theory, Nicki, but I’m also a firm believer that it’s completely probable to want and/or love two people at the same time. Having sexual fantasies about past partners is not at all uncommon, and I don’t think it precludes most of us from having other relationships. Who knows why Neil got married? Perhaps it will be revealed later on, but if there was a connection with Sophie as strong as we’re led to believe, it’s completely plausible that Neil would think about her every day.

  5. What I’m loving best about The Boss so far is that the characters are so real – flaws and all. I feel like I wouldn’t be surprised if I ran into them on the street. Of course, if I did, I might be forced to drag Neil into the nearest alley. *Ahem*

  6. The picture of Neil’s divorce I am getting is he got to the point where he no longer wanted any more kids and the now ex married him on the misinterpretation that she could change his mind.

    Sounds like another mixed signals and expectations that were never address fully before marriage and then were ignored for two years divorce.

    I’m sure as we get to see Neil’s more kinky side the subject of his ex will come again- because I think the “emotions of a toddler and libido of a 17yr old with no one telling him no” was probably used by an ex who couldn’t understand what he was and or wasn’t communicating as far as sex went.

    I don’t think they were compatible which brings back the question of why two incompatible people would marry each other but that mistake is all too common.