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Waiting on a book…

Yes… that was me this week (and the past year!)… Waiting for the release of the eleventh Black Dagger Brotherhood book… Lover At Last by JR Ward. I was so excited for this book that I actually paid the ridiculous price for the Kindle version – just so I could have it download on to my Paperwhite at midnight. I’ve been excited about books before, but never so much as Lover At Last. It’s not my favorite series, it’s not the best story out there, but something about JR Ward keeps me coming back for more.

Also, a driving factor for getting to the book immediately and through it so quickly were concerns over finding out spoilers and/or reading comments and reviews. I didn’t want to know anything about the book, so that drove me to finish it as quickly as possible.

I was so excited to read the book that I did a few things I’ve never done before for a book…

First, I put down the book I was in the middle of reading so I could start Lover At Last. I HATE mixing up books and I’ve never not finished a book from beginning to end before starting the next one. Yet, for Qhuay, I was more than willing!

Second, I set my alarm for 4:00AM to get up early to start reading it. (I was told it would download on my Kindle after 3:00AM EDT). But I was SO excited that I actually woke on my own at 3:02AM and started reading!

Third, I took the day off from work so I could read it right away.

Finally, I bribed my kids to leave me alone so I could finish this book (okay, I’ve done that one before!)

I finished the entire 600ish page book just after midnight that day. I did take time to feed my kids and take them to their karate classes. I did do some laundry. But I read off and on for 21 hours.

I don’t know if I could do that again. It would have to be a special book. It would also need to be one that is an easy, light read.

So… what about you… What lengths have you gone to in order to read/finish a book? What was the book – or if you haven’t before… is there a book/series you would go to the extreme to read?

Thanks for stopping to chat!

5 responses to “Saturday Conversations 03/30/2013

  1. I must that I admire your tenacity to get this book read 🙂

    Because I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, i haven’t had a chance to really pull out the stops for a read, though I’ve really enjoyed some great stories before diving head-first into these manuscripts.

    Most recently, I carried a paperback of Ilona Andrews’ Magic Burns with me and snuck it out to read, even at work where I wasn’t supposed to lol!! But it’s been a while 🙂

  2. The only book I have done something like that was with Shadowfever. I was visiting my sister in US when it was released; but I’d told her (when I bought the ticket, weeks in advance) that that day I was going to be in “cave mode” and didn’t want any kind of distractions.
    I got the book around 11pm on the day before release (Thank you Sony) and read until 4am, slept 4 hours and continue reading until I was done. Sister brought me breakfast and lunch to my room so I didn’t have to stop reading. Yes, she’s a great sister. 🙂

  3. Jennifer: First time… and honestly I think much of the drive was to remain spoiler free and just get to it. If not, I’d still be reading it!

    Angela: LOVE THAT SERIES!! I carry my Kindle with me everywhere – never know when you’ll get a little free time.

    Bookaholic: I heard a lot of people did the same for Shadowfever. I haven’t read the series.

  4. This is a GREAT prompt, Jen! I get into my reading ‘moods’. I actually do find myself pulling out all the stops to get a book finished because I’m simply LOVING it! Here’s the list of strategies:
    1. Mr. VampBard, you should play Skyrim. I have reading I want to catch-up on.
    2. (to mini-vamps) Sure! You guys can use the TV in the living room… I’m just going into my room to read (*blasts Pandora*)
    3. Make an excuse to run an errand. Read in my car for an hour. Pick up whatever it was, return home.
    4. Wake up early or constantly refresh my Kindle (Tohr’s book, one of the LotU titles…)
    5. Suggest Mr. VampBard take the kids to a movie. So I can read (I didn’t really want to see it, anyway…).

    Seems like I’m giving in to my reading addiction a lot. *shrug* Works for me… I have been doing similar since I was 5… that gives me 40 years worth of practice!