Review: A Most Improper Rumor by Emma Wildes

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A Most Improper Rumor
Author: Emma Wildes 
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Signet 
Whispers of Scandal #2
ISBN: # 978-0451239587
Genre: Historical Romance
Format(s): Paperback (314 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
What is society to do when the diamonds of the first water are caught in compromising situations, one after the other? Can the young ladies survive the season with their reputations intact…or will the scandalous whispers surrounding them bring about the ultimate ruination?
Once the toast of the ton, Lady Angelina DeBrooke is no longer known just for her exquisite beauty, but more for her notorious marriages. Dubbed the Dark Angel, she has fallen in love for the first time and wishes to marry, but fears finding herself a widow for the third time. With two poisoned husbands and a cloud of suspicion hanging over her head, she turns to the only man in England who might help her… 
Benjamin Wallace, Lord Heathton, isn’t interested in playing detective again, but when Lady DeBrooke approaches him in a quest to clear her name, he finds the challenge irresistible. Her second husband was an old friend, and when he takes a closer look, he catches the scent of a foe he has hunted before—and knows this is his chance to finally trap the elusive prey…
What Una is talking about:
To me is nothing better than combing a good mystery with your historical romance.  Ms. Wildes does another excellent job in her second novel in the Whispers of Scandal series, A Most Improper Rumor.  The plot thickens between Lord Heathton and his most nefarious and sly opponent.
In A Most Improper Rumor we are introduced to Angelina, Lady DeBrooke – shunned by the haut ton for allegedly murdering her previous two husbands, she lives a quiet life in exile.  That is until she meets Baron Lowe.  Christopher never believed in love at first site, neither did Angelina, but when they first meet, they just knew.  However, as much as Christopher wishes to make Angelina his wife, she fears that whoever murdered her husbands, will kill Christopher.  Sadly, they live apart, living for those moments when they are able to secure their secret trysts.  
Love can not only heal, but give hope, which can lead a lady to finding her inner strength and courage.  Angelina, against her better judgment, approaches Ben, Lord Heathton in order to secure his assistance in discovering any information that might lead to the actual culprit of the murders.  Much to Angelina’s surprise (she has been sufficiently snubbed by her previous peers), he agrees.  Thus begins this next chapter in Heathton’s hunt for the very clever society/debutante stalker.
It seems this enemy has struck before, not just in his attempt to ruin Alicia, Lady Heathton’s niece’s debut (the previous novel, Ruined by Moonlight).  As Heathton looks into Lady DeBrooke’s case, he discovers this foe enjoys exerting a control over the brightest star in each season’s debut; ruining one lady after another.  But as Heathton uncovers more, the foe turns his attentions towards Heathton and what he holds most dear.
As captivating as Ruined by Moonlight was, A Most Improper Rumor was even more gripping.  I thoroughly enjoy the continuing relationship between Alicia and Ben.  The nuances of their relationship as they work to find common ground and happiness are poignant.  Showing that the best relationships do require work – and how rewarding that work can be.  It is also intriguing to see the comparison between Alicia and Ben’s relationship verses the relationship of Angelina and Christopher.  The way Ms. Wildes is able to compare and contrast the relationships – whether intentional or not – is thoroughly fascinating.  
Although it seemed to me that the instigator of this case is obvious, the conclusion of the novel was not.  I hope there will be another Whispers of Scandal novel in the future, because I am very much enjoying this series.  If you enjoy a little mystery/detective drama with your historical romance, you’ll love this series!
Unas Rating:
Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)

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