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Managing Social Media…

Today I had two reviews posted on That’s What I’m Talking About, and with each post comes publicity. I recognize that without even modest exposure, my blog would collapse into obscurity. So I Tweet (2-3 times per day per post), use Facebook, Google +, Amazon, GoodReads and Shelfari. Also, if the book came from a publisher or author, I need to send them a link via email. And then there are sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss, where you post the review and a link to your post. Bottom line… posting reviews and publicizing them takes up a lot of time. Time I could be reading. Or writing new reviews. Or socializing. Or playing with my kids. 🙂

Recently I discovered Twitter Feed, a site that will take my blog feed and post it to both Facebook and Twitter. It’s really help boost views on Facebook, but not a ton of new hits on my blog. However, it does save time – especially when I’m busy because it at least hits two social media sites for me. As much as it helps, I would like it if I could schedule it to post to Twitter more than the initial tweet (say, 2-3 times per day). I’m still looking for something that will help more.

So… what about you… How do you manage your social media? Bloggers: where do you post reviews and how do you publicize posts? Readers: where do you look for reviews? Those who use feed readers: do you ever link through to the site, or do you just get your views on the reader?

Thanks for stopping to chat!

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  1. if you use Tweet Deck you can schedule tweets. I do this a lot. I also have my blog synced with Facebook so I don’t have to post to Facebook manually. I had my posted synced with G+ too but I don’t think many peeps use G+ anymore so I don’t bother with it.

    I’ve been adding my reviews to my pinterest account and checking twitter when I pin them so it tweets a link.

    I post my reviews on Goodreads. I post on B&N if I bought the ebook from there. I only post on Amazon if the author or publisher request since I don’t buy from there.

    I use Shelfari but I don’t always post my review on there. I should.

  2. I have my blog (Delighted Reader on WordPress) synced up to tweet the post and post it to FB automatically. Google+ I have to manually enter, so it is hit or miss if I do that.

    Throughout the day I try to set up Tweets using a website called You can also use it for FB, but my Tweets automatically go to FB so I don’t do use it for FB. In you just sync up your Twitter account and then tell it what you want it to tweet and the date/time. That’s it. Unfortunately though, Twitter doesn’t like for you to tweet the exact same things in a short timeframe, so you have to change up each tweet. I try to set this up for big things, but sometimes I just don’t have time to do it. Wish there was a better solution, but this one works for me for the time being.

    I have used Buffer to tweet things, but you can’t choose your time with them and the free account limits you on how many you can have in your cue.

    The other thing I use is about once a week to see when the best times to schedule my Tweets are. To be honest though, I just schedule mine at certain intervals and don’t use this a lot.

    I update NetGalley because I really have too, but I don’t update Amazon or Goodreads as much as should. I don’t think they drive exposure to my site, so I only do this if I really want to promote an author or feel a need to get some more reviews in. It just takes time and then people are reading the reviews there and not on the site.

    I am also using a plugin called WYSIJA for WordPress that allows you to create newsletters that send out automatically each day from your RSS or custom create them. So far I have used the auto one for my RSS and I put special notes in from time to time for exclusive subscriber giveaways or remind them of giveaways going on at the bottom. The custom one I have used for my associate reviewers when I want to offer info or changes coming to the blog.

    It isn’t a total solution, but it works for now until the blog gets famously rich and I can afford to pay for services.

    Hope this helps. I haven’t found the end all solution to take care of all my SM needs.

  3. Because I’m a bit wrapped up in writing, I haven’t really used many reviews for book selections. I do like coming here to lurk and see with the latest is 🙂

  4. Jennifer: I do use tweetdeck – I’ll have to look into that, thanks!

    Shari: I use Blogger and I’m not familiar with a way to do that. I’m also pretty html/plug in illiterate! Thanks!

    Angela: I understand!