Review: Crow Magic by Mary Quast

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Crow Magic
Author: Mary Quast 
Release Date: April 24, 2013
Publisher: Decadent
1 Night Stand series
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Novella
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
Lucy Richards is tired of being timid around men. Hoping to overcome her fears and feel like a real woman, she turns to Madame Eve to find a man who will fulfill that goal. Eve arranges a one-night stand with a handsome Shawnee shaman who will teach Lucy to use her womanly power and take her to unimaginable heights.
Shape shifter Seth Crowe is a Keeper of the Spiritual Law who carries souls from darkness to light, and enjoys using his body to accomplish his magic.
Tucked away in the Castillo Poconos Resort, Seth helps Lucy find spiritual and sexual freedom, never dreaming he might find his own mate in the bargain.
What Im talking about:
Our story opens with Seth (aka Tecumseh), who is a caretaker of sorts for lost souls. He is the Crow of legend, leading a solitary and lonely life. In order that his own soul does not fill with darkness, he needs to find his mate. Knowing this, him mom and brother ambush Seth and set him up on a date via Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand (1NS) because his brother Kam had much success with the dating service.
After a history of abuse, Lucy feels awkward around men and is not comfortable with her own sexuality. She hopes that Madame Eve and 1NS can help her overcome her fears and maybe find something she feels is missing from her life.
Crow Magic is a story filled with spirituality and self-awareness. The author uses Native American culture and beliefs to spin her own tale of romance centered around inner peace and freedom. While I found much of the culture presented entertaining, at times I felt the spirituality of the story was heavy-handed and overshadowed the romance.
In the beginning of the book, Lucy finds herself alone with an attentive crow at the secluded resort. She begins a dialogue with the alert bird that was a bit goofy and silly. Personally, I’d be freaking out if a crow pulled out my hair band and stared at me. However, after a while, her odd behavior is attributed to a history of abuse and the scene makes more sense in that light.
The overall “courtship” between Seth and Lucy was based on her spiritual and sexual awakening. Seth uses his powers to free her mind and body, allowing her to become centered and at peace with her own self. Because of this, I felt that the story wasn’t very romantic in the traditional sense of the genre. However, Seth realizes almost immediately that his connection to Lucy is deeper than that of previous charges, so he pursues her more intimately. 
Overall, Crow Magic is an enjoyable story with an interesting concept. It is filled, and at times overfilled, with spiritual awakening, using sex as part of the process. The connection between the primary couple isn’t as steamy as in other 1NS stories, because the focus of the relationship is equally physical and spiritual. I liked that Lucy was able to shed her past and let out the awakened spirit inside of her. I think that those with an interest in Native American culture will enjoy this novella; however, if you are turned off by spirituality, you probably won’t like the novella as much. 
My Rating:
Liked it, but I had some issues – recommend (B)

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