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Release Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher: NAL Trade
ISBN: 978-0451419729
In Vino Veritas #1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Format(s): paperback (304 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/ NetGalley
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Book Spotlight:

     Madeline Stone is determined to heal from her tragic past, one difficult step at a time…and she doesn’t need any distractions. Then she meets a mysterious and captivating stranger—and over a glass of outrageously expensive wine, her world turns upside down. Try as she might to banish the wealthy business mogul from her thoughts, Madeline can’t fight Alex’s staggering appeal or his enticing offer of intimate discovery.
     Alex doesn’t date—at least, not in the traditional sense. Still, he wants Madeline…and his sexual intensity provides her with a much-needed escape. They embark on a tumultuous erotic affair, one that takes them to the pinnacle of obsession and desire. But underneath each explosive encounter lie dangerous secrets waiting to consume them both.…

What VampBards talking about:

     I have an unbidden love for Blush, the first in Lauren Jameson’s new trio of titles surrounding rich guys that share ownership of a BDSM club near Vegas.  While my logical brain says, “Um, WTH?” my heart has a bookmance going on with this story.
     With that stuff out of the way, I have to tell you why my heart has a ‘thing’ for Blush.
     I read this title in ONE EVENING.  I even made dinner (yes, a real dinner, not picking up pizza or making box mac & cheese), ran laundry, helped with homework, and nursed a sick child.   There’s some serious internal conflict for our leading lady, Maddie;  this conflict keeps Alex at arms-length, until secrets that have the potential to tear them apart are revealed.  Wrap it up with some stellar external conflict, predicted earlier in the title, and tie off with a gorgeous red happily-ever-after bow.  Mmmhm.  That is Blush.  HEAT INDEX:  3.5 out of 5.  Sweet & spicy story.
     I liked Maddie as a main character.  I like her sassy-ness, and  I like the fact that even though she’s messed up in the head, she thinks before she acts.  Even when it comes to signing a D/s contract for the hottest dude ever born.  Even when Maddie doesn’t think she deserves to be with Mr. Hottie Alex, she uses calming strategies to suck out the anxiety she feels.  Let me tell you, I can totally identify with Maddie.  Mr. VampBard is my anxiety sucker.  I liked Maddie as a charcter, but I think that she could have been better developed, with more details about her at the end.  When you read the last chapter and the epilogue, you’ll understand.  It’s almost as though I’m waiting for the rest of the story.  Ms. Jameson could be wrapping up Maddie & Alex’s story in her next title of the series, however.
     Alex is the billionaire-du-jour.  I must admit that I’m a bit smitten by his ability to complete tasks and how he seems to love so completely, and with assurance.  I fell in love with the way Alex portrayed a D/s relationship.  How gentle he was with Maddie.  How he seemed to worship her.  It’s all about TRUST.  And, after all, isn’t that what ALL relationships should be built upon?
     One of the most awesome things about this title is that neither party appears to be coerced into divulging things about themselves before they’re really ready.
     While Blush, on the surface, seems to be another stab at the 50 bandwagon, it really isn’t in the same category.  With healthy relationships, boundaries clearly established, and a female lead character that has a set of steel cajones, I am totally in a bookmance with this title simply because it’s REAL.

VampBards Rating:

Enjoyed, strongly recommend (A-)
NOTE: There are a couple things in the NetGalley version that I read that really troubled Ms. Nit-Picky-English-Teacher.  I mean **really** bothered.  There were many usage errors, left-out words, as well as one significant (for me, anyway) inconsistency in the plot, that I was annoyed enough to go back and fact-check for consistency myself. I based my rating of the book trusting that one last pass by an eagle-eyed editor will snagged these issues.

About the author:

Lauren Jameson is a writer who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She also writes erotic romance as Lauren Hawkeye.  Visit her online at and

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