Saturday Conversations 05/11/2013

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Feed Readers…

As most of you know, earlier this year Google announced that it was closing the doors on its feed reader, Google Reader. On July 1, 2013, those of us that use Google Reader as a means to capture posts from all of the blogs we “follow,” will no longer have that service. I rely heavily on Google Reader to keep me up to date with my favorite authors and review blogs. I also use it to follow friend and family blogs. There is no way I’d be able to keep up with each of these sites if I had to visit each one separately.

I have purposely been avoiding the news and panic, knowing that eventually someone would find a good alternative and figure out how to transfer the feeds. So now that July 1 is approaching, I thought I’d reach out to you all for some help!

For those of you that subscribe to some sort of feed reader service…

What service do you use? What are the pros and cons of that service? 

Did you transfer your feeds from Google Reader? If so, how did you accomplish this and was it difficult?  

Where do you access your feed reader (via computer, phone, tablet, etc.)? I currently only use my laptop to read feeds and blogs.

Thanks for stopping to chat!

10 responses to “Saturday Conversations 05/11/2013

  1. I read them on bloglovin…it was nice because it imported my reader feed into it. I didn’t have to do anything and it took about a minute. It doesn’t show the full post like my reader was set up to do, but it’s almost as good. I can deal with it. smiles…

  2. I also use Bloglovin. It imported all of the blogs from google and I love how it sends out email blasts of the blogs I follow. The only complaint I have is the timing of the emails. No more having to go to the reader to see what’s new.

  3. Bea

    I use bloglovin’ and the transfer was super easy. So far I like it and it’s much easier to organize blogs into groups than Google Reader.

  4. I’ve transferred my feed over to Bloglovin’ but haven’t started using it yet. I still like Google Reader better and I’ll stick with it until it’s gone.

  5. How do you transfer feed from google reader to Bloglovin? I couldn’t find anywhere to do that.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. I switched to Feedly, which imported everything from Google Reader without a problem. Although I like Feedly about as much as I did Google Reader, I rarely use either for reading. Instead, I skim Feedly for anything that interests me, open the actual article, and hit the dotepub button. Calibre automatically imports any ebook I download. Sometimes, I merge the epubs together before reading them on my Kindle. It depends on whether I plan on archiving the article or just reading.

  7. I actually utilize Facebook and Goodreads. I have both applications on my smartphone and tablet. This way I discover more.