Review: My Wicked Devil by Ann Mayburn

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My Wicked Devil
Author: Ann Mayburn 
Release Date: May 21, 2013
Publisher: Loose ID
Club Wicked #3
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary Romance
Format(s): e-book
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About the book:

     After a motorcycle accident left her with a fractured pelvis, former dare devil and actress Kira Harmony cannot have sex without pain. Unwilling to give up on her dreams of someday having a normal love life, she has come to Club Wicked to find a Dom. And not just any Dom. Kira is looking for the best sadist she can find, a Master who can help her learn how to turn her pain into pleasure and help her escape the prison her body has become.
     Lord Bryan Sutherland has always had a taste for meeting the needs of masochistic submissives. When Kira contacts him, her plea for his help intrigues him. He’s always loved curvy redheads, and they certainly have an explosive chemistry together, but he doesn’t know if it is possible to establish the kind of trust needed in order to train her mind to convert agony into ecstasy. That trust is sorely tested when Kira continually pushes herself too far and refuses to safeword out.
     Bryan must make a decision; continue to train Kira and run the risk of seriously hurting her, or walk away from the uncontrollable woman who holds the key to his heart.

What Im talking about:

     Kira, former Hollywood actress and friend of Master Hawk, is a new member at Club Wicked. Injured performing a motorcycle stunt on a movie shoot, she cannot have intercourse without experiencing a lot of pain. Now a size 16 and uncertain of her own appeal and sensuality, Kira hopes that she can find a Master who will help teach her how to derive pleasure from pain.
     Lord Bryan is THE Master sadist at Club Wicked. When Kira witnesses him performing a scene, she is immediately taken with his raw sexuality and dominance, and she realizes he is the Master for her training. Masters Hawk and Jesse help put the pair together for a “get to know you meeting,” and their fierce attraction is instantaneous. Yet Brian is cautious, knowing the skeletons from his past may end up harming Kira.
     Ms. Mayburn returns to her Club Wicked series with another intense and deeply romantic tale. Although it can be read stand alone, this series is fabulous, and I recommend starting at the beginning. For those that have read the previous books, My Wicked Devil overlaps in time with My Wicked Nanny during the period Anya is in Paris.
     Mmmm… I just love how wicked Lord Bryan is. The man enjoys driving a willing submissive to the point of extreme pleasure and exquisite pain. What makes him so sexy is the fact that he is completely shaken by Kira’s presence. He wants her with a need even he can’t explain, and because of this, he is so very cautious with her. There is a gentle lion underneath the tiger exterior, and that is so sexy.
     Kira is the most spirited submissive of the series to date. She’s got a mind of her own and doesn’t like to be told she’s wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed her strong will and watching her learn to love submitting to her Lord. However, she is sometimes stubborn to absurdity and she doesn’t even realize it. She reminded me of a teenager.
     One of the things I love most about this story is the open honesty that both partners model. For example, Lord Bryan has a pretty dark secret that drove him from his British estate to the US. When Kira discovers the secret, she is honest about what she found out and how it makes her feel. This is so much better than letting it linger and having a horrible misunderstanding over it later in the book. (However, Kira’s sister also knows the truth, and having that out there added a nice bit of tension to the mix.)
     Although Kira is honest, she has a lot of growing up to do before Bryan can completely commit. Bryan’s struggles over his lust and desire for Kira versus his need for her to be safe, are so raw and moving. I love how honest Bryan is with Kira when he tells her he can’t leave her but can’t live with the fear of hurting her. He is very mature, but Kira gets so defensive when he tries to discuss the truth of her adrenaline junkie behavior.
     My Wicked Devil is filled with tremendously sexy and naughty scenes. Once again, Ms. Mayburn pushes boundaries and explores kink in the arena of pleasure and romance. Sex is not used to shock or punish, but is one aspect of a healthy relationship.
     The ending of the book is ushered in with a twist that I, for one, did see coming much earlier in the book. However, it works for the story and this couple, even if it wasn’t the shock perhaps it was intended to be. I enjoyed that Bryan and Kira worked out their issues and are both willing to compromise. They will have a bumpy road, but as long as they talk to each other, they will make it.
     Overall, My Wicked Devil is another excellent addition to Ms. Mayburn’s Club Wicked series. I appreciate that each book in the series tells a different story, each with unique characters, styles and issues. Lord Bryan and Kira are a fiery, passionate pair that warmed my heart. I look forward to reading many more wicked tales in this series.

My Rating:

Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)
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  1. -happy butt wiggle- Yeah! I’m so so glad you’re enjoying this series. Lord Bryan, happy sigh, is indeed a gentle lion beneath his fierce tiger persona. Kira, on the other hand, is more of a what you see is what you get kinda girl. 😉 Often in romance it’s the guys who are immature and very teenagerish, but in this case I wanted to show that hell, women can be immature too and sometimes it takes a BIG wake up call to help us grow up. 😉