Review: Smoking Hot by Karen Kelley

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Smoking Hot

Author:  Karen Kelley
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Good Girl series #3
ISBN: 978-1402263927
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): paperback (288 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher
Note: according to GoodReads, this book also goes by the title Where There’s Heat
About the book:
Everything She Wants…
Working the night shift at the sheriff’s office has given deputy Raine McCandless more than enough time to fantasize about the kind of man she’d like to take prisoner, so when she arrives home to find a sexy intruder waiting for her, she’s pretty sure she must be dreaming.
…Can and Will Be Held Against Her
But Dillon Taylor, with his stunning blue eyes and killer tan, is 100% real, just not 100% human. Half-man, half-angel, he’d love to answer every naughty prayer Raine has ever had. But Raine is in serious danger. And Dillon can only fulfill her every fantasy if he can keep her alive.
What VampBards talking about:
Caveat:  This is apparently the third title in Ms. Kelley’s Good Girl series.  Had I know this prior to reading and writing this review, I may have viewed the title differently, or chosen to read the other two books prior to reading this one.  I do that crazy kind of stuff.  The information that this is in fact the third title in a series is not readily available via Amazon nor the author’s website, which is where I look for information about books.  One shouldn’t have to look THAT hard to find this information, and it should be consistent across standard informational sites!
Smoking Hot by Karen Kelley was creatively told from the perspective of the leading lady, Raine.  There was some pretty steamy scenes, as well.  Dillon – OK.  He was hot.  The plot?  Meh.  
What I liked:  Raine was a seriously flawed character.  The way she was set-up as a character, she didn’t have a chance to be redeemed by the time the plot arc played out.  I’m OK with that, though.  I also liked the way Raine’s grandfather was involved, and he was hooking – up with someone.  Go Gramps!  Dillon – the one thing I liked about him was his smartarse-ness.  This was a no-brainer read for me.  I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with anything.
What I was ‘meh’ about:  The plot.  OK.  This wasn’t about solving the bank heist AT. ALL.  This was about ‘fixing’ Raine.  I’m not cool with that.  When it’s obvious to me that the main conflict in the story is taking a backseat to the character’s inner conflict, when in reality, they should be woven together seamlessly, it’s an issue.  Dillon is ignoring his ‘rules’, and he knows the consequences.  Mr. I-am-selfless-because-I-love-her was clearly pushing the limits with Raine and his boss.  I felt that the characters were pretty flat.  
What down-right confused me:  It felt like there was a book or two that I missed.  It would make sense that each of the nephilim would have their own book as they met their Daddy Dearests.  If this is a stand-alone, I’m wondering what the purpose of introducing the sperm donors of the other nephilim that were Dillon’s ‘brothers’.  Yes.  That’s the kind of stuff that makes me go, “hmmm…”
I’m pretty take it or leave it with this title.  I thought there was a lot of ground that could have been covered, and felt this title fell flat with a phenomenal concept potential.  
VampBards Rating:
Finished it – take it or leave it (C)

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