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Today is the final chat for The Boss Read Along at our Saturday Conversation… I hope you’ve enjoyed this read along! It’s been a treat to host Abigail Barnette (i.e. Jenny Trout) and our own Vampbard as they’ve shared the highs and lows of Sophie and Neil’s story.

The Boss is over! The Boss is a free contemporary erotic romance serial novel by Abigail Barnette. New chapters of the story were posted every Friday, and the entire book is now available. Twice per month, we hosted author Abigail Barnette (aka Jenny Trout) here on the blog to discuss the latest installment of The Boss. Check the end of this post for a complete schedule! If you’re new to our Read-Along, go to our first post HERE and see what all the fuss is about!
This week, we’re sending you to read the final two exciting Chapters! Check out Chapter 22 HERE and Chapter 23 HERE, then come back to this post to discuss your thoughts on The Boss, and read what others have to say. 

We’ve reached the end of The Boss. The full book will be available in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub format on July 15th. Details on the paperback to follow on Abigail’s website. Both versions will include an exclusive first look at The Girlfriend, the sequel to The Boss that will be available in August.

Jenny (aka Abigail) says, “This has been an amazing experience for me. Thank you all so much for your comments and your support and just for reading it. I appreciate it more than I can possibly express- which sounds weird coming from a writer, but just go with it. I have never enjoyed writing a book as much as I enjoyed writing The Boss, and your participation and enthusiasm has been overwhelming. From the bottom of my withered, bitter little heart, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We say… Thank you, Jenny, for sharing THE BOSS with us!

The Boss Read-Along

Let’s start our discussion of the final chapters of the book… 

The Boss is over… but Neil and Sophie’s story is just beginning. What are your thoughts about how the story finished? 

What were your favorite moments from The Boss?

Discuss amongst yourselves!  Abigail and VampBard will be around to kick in their 2 cents until Tuesday!
About the Author
The alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Trout (Jennifer Armintrout), Abigail Barnette was born during a conversation with author Bronwyn Green, who encouraged Jenny to develop an elaborate fantasy persona– complete with nom de plume– under which to pen erotic romance. Abigail enjoys long naps in fairy-filled glades, running through corridors in tragically romantic haunted castles, and drinking goblet after goblet of spiced wine.
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2 responses to “Saturday Conversation 06/29/2013 – The Boss Finale

  1. I have to say that I have loved being able to talk about THE BOSS with others 🙂 There’s so many things I absolutely adore about this book. Most of them begin and end with the honesty and the emotion with which THE BOSS is written.

    One of my favorite moments was when Sophie came home unexpectedly to find Deja had spent the night, and Holli was in her ‘entertaining’ silk robe with the dragon on the back. I freakin’ loved that scene.

    My favorite Neil-Sophie moment was the normalcy of watching porn in the theater room. Just. Wow. I suppose there’s a lot of ‘normal’ moments for the duo. This one just got to me.

    What were your favorite moments?