Pardon the Interruption!

Posted July 23, 2013 by Jen in Tags: , ,

For those that didn’t see my drama unfold on Twitter and Facebook a couple weeks ago, my blog was flagged as spam by Blogger and deleted. After much panicking and a few drinks – I am happy to report that I got it all back. But because of this, I’ve decided to finally make the move to a self-hosted blog on WordPress. Moving to WP is something I’ve been contemplating for about a year. I’m also going to be doing some redesign with the help of the very talented Parajunkee.

Of course nothing works as seamlessly as I want. We’ve run into a delay, and right now you cannot find me at In order to see the blog, you need to go back to the address. Not a big deal, except this means that none of the internal links on my blog will work until we get moved to WP. Everything is there – and if you need help finding something, please email, tweet and/or FB me! Thank you for your patience!

One response to “Pardon the Interruption!

  1. If you are visiting the site during the time on or about July 22-27, I am in the middle of contruction! Thanks for your patience!