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A Cursed Embrace
Author: Cecy Robson 
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher: Signet
The Weird Girls #2
ISBN: #978-0451416742
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format(s): Paperback (368 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

About the book:

      Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other twenty-something girls—with one tiny exception: They are the products of a curse that backfired and gave each of them unique powers that made them, well, a little weird…
      After Celia Wird and her sisters help master vampire Misha save his family, their powers are exposed to the supernatural community of the Lake Tahoe region. But fame comes at a price, and being “weird” isn’t always welcome.
      To make matters worse, Celia desires the love of Alpha werewolf Aric, but his pack is bent on destroying their relationship to preserve his pureblood status. And once weres start turning up dead—with evidence pointing to the vampires—she must face the prospect of losing Aric forever. But the chaos only masks a new threat. An evil known as the Tribe has risen—and their sights are set on Celia and her sisters.

What G & U are talking about:

      Gikany and Una continue to enjoy the Weird Girls series.  With the latest installment, A Cursed Embrace, we were stunned by the ending and feeling a little lost.
      This urban fantasy series is from Celia’s point of view.  In the last two books (well, the first novel, Sealed with a Curse and a prequel novella, The Weird Girls) we had a lot of interaction between Celia and her sisters; Taran, Shayna and Emme.  One aspect that we love about this series is the connection and bond between these four very different sisters.  Each one is not only unique in appearance, but in her particular curse (power) and personality.  The way the sisters are able to live with one another is powerful – they even take each other’s moods and abrasiveness in stride.  A Cursed Embrace, felt as if it didn’t have that.  In some ways it parallels the feelings of Celia as she feels not just divided from Aric, but since she is no longer with the powerful Alpha, that she is apart from her happy wolf-dating sisters.  The aloneness that comes across the pages is almost overpowering.  We understand it and it is a powerful tool that Ms. Robson wields – but we didn’t like it.  But isn’t that is the point?
      There are two distinct moments in A Cursed Embrace where we hope (beg, plead, whine…) that Ms. Robson will give us novellas.  The first is the relationship between Gem and Taran.  Most notably where they finally connect – Taran and Gem are conflicted yet drawn together.  The tension and release they experience in this novel (which is behind the scenes) would be a fun novella.  The other is of course the events at the end of the novel.  To avoid spoiling anything, there is a significant occurrence at the end that Celia is not privy to.  It is that and the subsequent time after we would like to experience.
      The world of A Cursed Embrace continues to keep us glued.  The politics between the different groups of supernaturals – not to mention the inner politics, is fascinating.  We appreciated that part of the overall conflict in this storyline was self-made.  Because of internal politics and prejudice within the supernatural communities, they created the perfect environment for this new evil to rise.  Yet in some ways it felt like they didn’t learn their lesson.  This aspect along with the heartache Celia suffered at the close (along with the nature of her departure) creates a burning need in our desire for the next novel.
      A Cursed Embrace also encompasses the love triangle that Celia has found herself in.  We love the connection she has with Aric and that her inner tigress can relax.  As much we love the passion and chemistry between them, we do not feel that Aric sees her as an equal.  This grates on the ingrained personality that is Celia as the oldest sibling and most importantly her inner golden tigress (who has an overriding need to protect).  Yet, there is no question that Celia is in love with Aric.  Then we have the relationship between Celia and Misha.  We love Misha and how he seems to respect her independent spirit.  He allows her freedom of expression and her tigress the freedom to protect and hunt.  However, he, too, has a need to protect her and wants more than friendship.  The dichotomy between Misha and Aric is not lost on us.  We know Aric cares deeply for Celia and we believe Misha does as well.  For the first time in her life, Celia has options and it is heartbreaking to watch her choose.  We would like to think that as the novel came to a close, Celia’s choice may not be binding…that maybe the future holds a glimmer of hope.
      We apologize for the vagueness, but we certainly do not want to spoil this novel.  Although we have a few reservations about certain aspects of A Cursed Embrace, we still liked the story. We really enjoy this urban fantasy.  It is a great balance between light-hearted romance and gritty urban fantasy adventure and action.  If you haven’t tried The Weird Sisters yet, please pick it up.  You might be just as caught up as we are.

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Liked it – recommend (B+)
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7 responses to “Review: A Cursed Embrace by Cecy Robson

  1. This is an awesome series, and A Cursed Embrace is simply amazing. It takes the reader though a roller coaster of emotions. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait for book three!

  2. This is an awesome series, and A Cursed Embrace is simply amazing. It takes the reader though a roller coaster of emotions. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait for book three!

  3. Judy-Ree

    I like the sound of this series and it has been on my radar for a couple of months. The only thing holding me back from reading it is that it seems to be very YA and I don’t do YA.

    • Fang

      Not sure where you are getting the YA from? This is not a YA series. It is an adult series with mature language and themes — and book 2 gets pretty steamy in places. The main characters are all in their 20’s. Hope that helps…

      • unareads

        Yes this is not classified as a YA and as a reader of YA – it is definitely NOT. Besides the steamy places – there are some very dark and mature topics explored.