Review: Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon

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Return of the Fae
Author: Lynn Cahoon
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Council Series #2
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Suspense with Romance elements
Format(s): e-book
Book Source: Publisher
About the book:
A witch in training, a hunter on the prowl, and a world in jeopardy.
Learning the rules of being a witch takes years, but Parris McCall needs to master them in only weeks. Knowing how to wield her magic is the one thing she has to keep her grandmother safe and herself alive.
Ty Wallace is going mad with his desire for Parris, but he has to maintain an emotional distance from her. She’s a distraction in his quest to find Coven X before they grow too strong, taking The Council and everyone he knows down with it.
As Parris labors through the academy manuals, the couple takes a trip to find Ty’s mentor. He’s their only hope in helping Parris with her studies. To their dismay, the old man has disappeared. Their only clue comes from a witch banished for actions against The Council. When they return, not only do they find their own lives threatened, but casualties in the war between the covens have risen. And a new life hangs in the balance.
What VampBards talking about:
Lynn Cahoon brings us the second book in her Council series with suspense, romance, and spells full of power.  Return of the Fae lives up to its name.  We do see the fae returning to Ty and Parris.  We also see things between the couple intensifying, making the heat index 3 out of 5.  They’ve got awesome chemistry, but ‘real life’ called, and they had to answer.
Per Amazon, this title is estimated to be a mere 113 pages.  I’m guessing that’s why it felt like I was done reading before I even settled in to my spot on the couch.  I continue to want more of Parris & Ty’s story.  I want to see the happily ever after.  I did purchase the first book in the series, A Member of the Council.  I was glad I did, too.  I like starting a series at the beginning.  I do feel like Ms. Cahoon did a good job filling in back story as needed, however.
What worked for me was the chemistry between Ty and Parris.  They seem as natural together as peanut butter and jelly.  Jason Mraz & Colbie Callat (see video here).  Tequila and lime.  You get the idea.  I think what I liked the most about this couple was the way they seemed to auto-bond – whether they would admit it or not – and it was all casual.  Not intense beyond your most wild imagination.  The suspense was perfect.  Pacing – awesome.  Secondary characters were set up just right.  With enough involvement to keep things interesting, yet not take away from Parris and Ty.  In fact, their relationship was enhanced by the others involved in the story.  None of the characters were superfluous.  They were all planned and purposeful.
What I wasn’t too keen on was the hot/cold of Ty.  Make. Up. Your. Mind!  It’s cool if he doesn’t want to really get involved with Parris until things have settled…but don’t sleep with her in the interim.  Not. Cool.  I see where it has value in the plot, but couldn’t there be another way to increase the romantic element?
Even though there was one little element with which I struggled, I really enjoyed Lynn Cahoon’s newest title in the Council series, Return of the Fae.  I look forward to reading future titles in this series.
VampBards Rating:
Loved it – enthusiastically recommend (A)
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2 responses to “Review: Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon

  1. This sounds like a fun read, but I’m with you…I enjoy reading a series from the beginning. Would you say that the first book was as short as this second one? Also, I agree with wanting characters to just make up their minds…sometimes it can be very irritating. It’s also even more irritating when they still have sex with the person they are being wishy washy with…but I am glad that you thought the sex wasn’t just thrown in uncontrollably and that it actually assisted the plot line. Great review!

    • Thank you!

      I think the first was also novella length. If I remember correctly 🙂 Definitely worth the read. AS far as the wishy-washyness… It might be something I’m finding I have less tolerance for as I age. Not that I’m a day over 21 or anything. *snort*