Saturday Conversation: The Big Move

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Moving to WordPress

As most of you have heard by now, I’ve moved! Early this week, I made the successful transition from a Blogger hosted website to a self-hosted (thank you GoDaddy!) blog on WordPress. Without going into all of the details, I’ll give you a brief account of what happened to finally get me to make the move…

Earlier this month, one late night about midnight, I was working on my blog. I had just finished a post and saved it. Then I realized I needed to update it. When I clicked the link to open the file, I got an error message: 404 (Not found). WTH? I wondered… I tried several times, but no matter what browser I used and what link I typed, the fact was… my blog was completely GONE!

Fast-forward several tears, much panicking, and desperate cries for help on Twitter… Google (owner of Blogger) had flagged my blog as SPAM! I was very lucky and was able to get my blog back up and running in about six hours. Thank you to all those that helped me that night! What I learned from this experience is that Blogger can take down a website at anytime, and sometimes, there may not be a course of action to get it back. Parajunkee has a great outline of the whats, whys and hows HERE. Dear Author also addressed this issue HERE.

I had been contemplating a move to WP for at least a year, but I’d put it off because of the nightmarish stories I’d heard when people tried. But with all that had happened, I decided NOW was the perfect time. I’m also going to do a redesign (this is just a temporary look). Thank you to Parajunkee for all of her help and work so far! I’m lucky to have such great support from the book blogging community. And I’m fortunate that I didn’t lose my hard work for good. I still have a ways to go… there are a LOT of broken links that I am weeding out and correcting. Old reviews to reformat (maybe or maybe not! lol). Design tweaks. And more.

So what about you… For blog owners – have you ever lost your blog/website? Have you gone through the process of conversion? What advice to you have for others? What WP plug-ins are worthwhile?

For blog users – what features do you like when visiting a blog?

Thanks so much for your patience and stopping by to chat!



Dear Google followers:

Thank you for your wonderful support over the past 3.5 years. I have had a lot of fun so far and plan to continue for more years to come.

I have recently made the move to a Word Press blog, and I am discontinuing the Blogger and Google+ accounts. Because of this, some of you who follow me via G+ or Google Friends Connect will no longer receive my blog updates.

I would love for you to continue following THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, and I encourage you to either follow me by email subscription or an RSS feed. Both options are available by clicking this link:

Once again, thank you so much for following me and my blog!

13 responses to “Saturday Conversation: The Big Move

  1. Marquetta

    I highly recommend the Ultimate Book Blogger plug in by Creative Whim. You have to go to her site and purchase it. I’ve only been using it a week and I love it. It was on sale for $17. Regular price is $35. But it’s so worth it.

    • Thanks Jennifer. There is a lot I really like and a few I miss. Like how to enter categories… I don’t like the check marks.

  2. Una

    Running a site scares me but I use them a lot. I like streamlined sites…logically organized, easy to find what I am looking for an set up for simple searches. If I open a site and it looks like chaos, I can’t handle it.

  3. Great information. I can’t believe that they flagged your blog as spam when it’s been open for 3 + years!! I’m sorry you had to move away from the place you’ve been for so long and that you are comfortable with. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy WordPress and I hope that your clean up won’t take you too long with the fixing of the broken links, and the reformatting of posts.

    • Twimom227

      Thanks sweets! I am liking it so far – there is just an adjustment period. But there are a lot of positives with WP!