Saturday Conversations 07/06/2013 – Overheard at RAGT 2013

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Overheard at RAGT 2013
People watching is a particularly rewarding pastime at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together (RAGT). This year’s RAGT was no exception. Held in West Chester, OH, from June 6-9, 2013, the “get together” hosted a number of romance authors, readers, publishers and the occasional male book cover model. 
People watching and accidental eavesdropping was a lot of fun, especially in the dirty minds of the That’s What I’m Talking About staff who attended. It’s even more fun when the words are taken completely out of context. In no particular order, things overheard at RAGT 2013:
1. It expands and gets hard when you turn it on.
2. Nuts: they’re like bitter, nasty, and gross and taste like tree bark.
3. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.
4. I’ll have the Beef Eater.
5. Would you like guac on your taco?
6. I gave my husband a really awesome blow job, we’re gonna have to redo the wallpaper.
7. I can exercise without underwear, but not without underwire.
8. You’ll still wake up hot and sweaty, but it will be in a good way.
9. It’s okay, you can touch me there.
10. She wants to know you.
11. Look at the size of the basket!
12. She’s not a virgin anymore, but she still has the box it came in.
13. Can we get him to take his shirt off?  I wonder how many ones it would take…
14. I need camo pajamas.
15. I can’t fit both of them at the same time.
16. Why does my penis stick out in the morning?
17. I’m off to Target to buy a new stick of concealer because it’s not meant for penises.
18. The plural of penises is “penises” not “peni”.
19. If you have more than one, you should probably get that checked.
20. If you can’t pull it off on Star Trek, you can’t pull it off here.
21. Some people need to learn to keep it covered up.
22. Uh oh, I’m gonna stick to this when I stand up.
23. I’m not smacking anyone else’s butt for the rest of the weekend.
24. If you could come out then you can’t come in.
25. If you just see me bliss out occasionally, you’ll know why.
26. I want to meet, greet, and eat.
27. I’m going to grab the girls.
28. If you can’t keep it up on your own, I’m not going anywhere near it.
29. I’ve never heard anyone say, “I don’t care for that position.”
30. Make it come.
31. It won’t come.
32. She’s a double spread.
33. Coming, going, backward, forwards, it’s all good.
34. I don’t need jet lag to be irreverent and dirty, it’s a gift from God.  It’s a gift some people don’t have and others don’t appreciate.
35. I want to get some.
36. Thanks for blowing my book.
37. I’ll take that from behind.
38. It works better up against the wall.
39. You and I could get into a lot of trouble.
40. Well, suck me silly.
41. How many shapes can you shift into?
42. Please pull my hair.
43. On the table works for me.
44. I have no problem sleeping in strange beds.
45. I have a banana I should eat.
46. I thought it was bigger than this.
47. I can be anyone you want me to be.
48. What do you have that I don’t have?
49. He gets around.
50. I’m okay with hard.
51. IT doesn’t work as well when you do it by yourself.
52. You don’t eat any meat?!
53. He said he’s coming, so he’s coming.
54. I’d slap him, but he’d like it.
55. We both slept with Ang.
56. Fill me up.
57. I’m totally coming.
58. I’ve got a horny duck.
59. What do I do with my hands?
60. I’d like to drizzle that in chocolate.
61. Who can break a $20?
62. Victoria is not keeping her secret.
63. A room and $300 a night.
64. You want me to put my finger where?
65. Double wrapped and doubled stuffed.
66. She missed her good ship lolly-pop.
67. My husband thanks you in advance.
68. I’ve got bourbon balls, and you should eat one.
69. Who said that was a good idea?
What gems have you over-heard while out & about with your besties?  Do you make things more ‘interesting’ within the close-knit circle of your friends?  We want to hear some of your funniest out-of-context one-liners!

Jen, Ang, Nima & VampBard
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  1. I can’t come up with anything at this point. I’m really getting a ridiculous laugh from the list shared here. So random and so making-my-mind-think-dirty-thoughts lol!!!