Test Post: using WP for the first time

Posted July 23, 2013 by Jen in Tags: ,

Okay, this is a HUGE leap for me. I am making my first post using WordPress. I honestly have NO idea what I’m doing.

This is what the post editor looks like:

What does this all mean?
What does this all mean?

I think I know what FIVE of those buttons mean… and that’s the first five. BOLD italics *add a link* “quote block” and strikethrough WHAT THE H*LL do the 37 other selections do?

What is the difference between “categories” and “tags?”

Does it matter if I type in the “Visual” view vs. the “Text” view?

Can I increase the font size within my post?

Can I change the color of the font?

Is there a way to have a signature installed automatically?

My head hurts!

I don’t like how I enter “categories.” (Just in case you wondered)

My next test is to import (copy and paste) a review. I have opened a bottle of wine in preparation.

Please be patient with me as I figure this all out!

PS. I may edit this post over and over to “try out” features.


12 responses to “Test Post: using WP for the first time

  1. Marquetta

    WP is so different from Blogger. It’s going to take a lot to get used to. I had to Google a lot especially when I was trying to figure out the difference between Categories and Tags. Categories is like a recipe: it’s the rating, genre, etc. And the tags are the ingredients – author name, book title etc. It took me a while to figure that out.

    I installed the Ultimate Book Blogger plug-in and I like it a lot. It makes formatting blog posts so much easier and it allows you to automatically include a signature.

    • Twimom227

      Is it bad to only use Categories? That’s how everything transferred over and I really don’t want to go back and fix the old posts… Is that bad?

  2. If you switch to the visual option you’ll get more choices in terms of font colors, etc.

    As far as size, you have to either fix your CSS to have the font size change permanently, recode some of your “headers” (h1, h2, h3, etc.) if you want to use larger fonts more often, rework the font on the text side using span style coding if it’s for just a word or two.

    I don’t think you have to add tags to all your old posts, but you may want to use them for the new ones. It helps with SEO I’m told.

    These days WP is much more copy/paste friendly and is less likely to add all sorts of garbage coding. But if you’re on the Visual side you can use the little clipboard to paste from Word so that it doesn’t add in extra garbage coding and will still allow you to keep your bold, italics and links.

    Good luck!

  3. Hey Lady! I know that you might feel overwhelmed, but here are some thoughts/suggestions I have for you. 🙂 Categories are your basic overview: Book Review, A+, B, C-…, Giveaway, Author Interview…etc. These are things that you do often on your blog and gives your followers an easy way to go directly to what they are looking for. If they want to see all the books you’ve rated at A+ they can quickly click on that category and see all of your posts with that selected. For the tags, I use that for search purposes. That is where I’ll put the Author, the book title, the series name, etc…things that when people search in google, it will pull your blog posts up for them to click on. Maybe I will send you an e-mail with some screen shots on the other buttons. I don’t use them all but a few of them are important, for me, and how I use wordpress…it is all dependent on what you want to do with your post. 🙂

    I will e-mail you later today. 😀

    • twimom227

      Thank you! Yes, please email me! I discovered more on the visual side after I wrote this. Do you know – is there a way to convert categories to tags in a bulk way?

  4. Oh and I ALWAYS work out of the Visual view! So much easier to understand. When you go to the visual view there will be a place that says “Paragraph” with an arrow point down…that is where you can change your font size. A couple buttons over from that you will see a letter “A” also with a drop down arrow, that is where you can change the color of your font. 🙂 I’m not sure about entering an automatic signature to the post…I’ve never had a reason to do that so never explored it.

    The other button I use all the time is the one that looks like a road. It has the bold solid lines on the top and bottom with a dashed line through the middle. I don’t know if you’ll ever need to use this, but after I put in my cover and the publication information I hit that button and then write my post. What this does is shows that first portion of my review and then has a link that states “Read the rest of this entry >>”. I like using that because it keeps my home page cleaner and easier for my readers to scroll down to the post they want to read and then continue into that specific post. For me, I didn’t feel as organized and clean having my entire post on my home page.