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Welcome to the Urban Fantasy Summer Reading Celebration here at That’s What I’m Talking About!!
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The celebration runs from July 1 through July 12, 2013, with guest posts, author and series spotlights and lots and lots of GIVEAWAYS!! In fact, each day there is a new post, there is new giveaway to enter! CLICK HERE for more information.
Today my special guest is blogger, Lori from Romancing the Dark Side, who is here sharing her thoughts on the Edie Spence series by Cassie Alexander. In addition, I am donating one (1) ebook copy (either Amazon or Barnes & Noble) of either Nightshifted, Moonshifted, or Shapeshifted for the giveaway, details below.
Take it away, Lori…
The Uncommon Heroine in Urban Fantasy
I love a kick ass heroine in urban fantasy as much as the next girl, but what happens when the heroine in the book lacks supernatural abilities in a paranormal world? Well, I recently picked up a series where the heroine is just that, a human with a very “normal” career. Meet Edie Spence, a nurse who works in a hospital with a secret paranormal wing.
The Edie Spence series by Cassie Alexander 
The self-titled series follows Edie Spence and her nights at her new job, a nurse at County Hospital’s Y4, a secret wing who’s patients include vampires, werewolves, shifters and zombies. I’m sure Edie saw her fair share of gore and blood in nursing school, but nothing in the world could prepare her for shifts at County Hospital! When she’s not giving blood transfusions to vampires, treating weres with silver allergies or flirting with zombies, she’s running from fire breathing dragons on Y4. If that weren’t enough drama, she has a brother who’s a recovering addict, a mom she hardly sees and a non-existent love life. Think your day job sucks? Think again!
I have to admit I kind of judged the series by their covers (yes, I’m a cover hussy!) before I read them and was a bit hesitant to start them but am glad I did! The Edie Spence series starts off a little slow but quickly picks up and delivers an original dark, paranormal world with a leading lady who’s worthy of her urban fantasy counterparts. Each installment is full of action, humor, suspense and the story line is never predictable. A must read for any fans of urban fantasy, especially those looking for a different kind of heroine. Now that I’ve gone on rambling about the series I’ll share a couple more reasons I love its heroine…
My Top Five Reasons for Loving Edie’s Character:
  1. Her mortality, she has no special abilities, no supernatural status but manages to survive in the midst of paranormals.
  2. She makes mistakes (including bad choices in men), but usually learns from them…LOL
  3. Edie will go to any lengths to protect her loved ones and keep them safe.
  4. She’s imperfect, has crazy relatives and flawed relationships…like most of us!
  5. Her dedication to nursing is admirable, even when she’s on the verge of being killed she’s always a nurse first and will try to save a life if she can!
Edie Spence is like the human version of Rachel Morgan from The Hollows series; just when you think she can’t get herself into any more trouble she proves you wrong! This is one series that gets better with each installment and never lacks excitement! 😉
Reading Order:
Deadshifted – December 31, 2013

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7 responses to “Urban Fantasy Summer Reading Celebration-Cassie Alexander

  1. I love stories where the female lead is doing a stereotypical male job like owning a construction company. Personally, I like heroines who do research (scientific, historical, archeological) or who travel as their occupations because I usually learn about something I didn’t know through the character.

  2. The only one that really pops into my head is Mercy’s where she owns her own garage but she doesn’t really have a night job…things just sorta happen to her at all hours of the day.