Review: Just In Time by Addison Fox

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Just In Time
Author: Addison Fox

Rating: A-, 4 Stars

What I’m Talking About:

Just in Time by Addison Fox is probably my personal favorite of the three books in the Alaskan Nights trilogy.  I was happy to return once again to Indigo, Alaska and the quirky, sturdy denizens who make it their home.  I felt like a local and scoffed along with the rest of the town at the hockey coach from California who couldn’t hack it for an entire winter—lightweight.  Finally we get to focus on the couple with the most history—sweethearts and best friends since kindergarten, Avery Marks and Roman Forsyth.  One of the aspects I especially enjoyed was the flashbacks into their childhood and teenage years where we get to see the intimacy and singularly precious nature of their bond, and why neither of them really moved on from it.

Roman and Avery’s story opens with the wedding of Sloan and Walker, their best friends from book one, Baby It’s Cold Outside.  The heat that is always there, smoldering under the surface, throughout the first two books begins to flame up almost immediately.  Because it’s book three, we can accept it knowing the relationship is already established.  This isn’t a couple that hooked up after meeting in a bar.  When they have sex, it is hot because they’ve known each other so well, know what buttons to push; it’s about the relationship, not the excitement of something new.

Still, this couple must get to know each other as adults and the people they are now after years of separation.  Both are ready to make changes in their lives for a better future, but can they make those changes together?  The book drags a bit while they try to figure this out.  Roman is especially slow in coming around, believing himself to be noble, after a quick start.

This trilogy should be read in order.  There is just too much character development and atmosphere that’s lost without the first two books.  As a little bonus, there is a secondary romance that happens about two-thirds of the way in which just made me smile.  Also making me smile is the humor born of friendship.  My favorite line in the book was, “I have it on good authority Satan wouldn’t wear that shade of lipstick.”

As much as I liked this story, I can’t give it five stars because I felt the ending was predictable and weak.  I didn’t think it lived up to the promise Roman championed.  I did enjoy watching Roman get chewed out by Avery, he so had it coming, but not so much by the whole rest of the town.  He definitely needed to pull his head out of his own (lovely) arse, but the ganging up felt like over-kill.  It’s a fairly quick read.  I’d classify it as a longer poolside read.  I went cover to cover on a day at the beach in July.

4 stars: Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)


About the Book:

After a rejuvenating trip to Ireland, Avery Marks can’t help her frustration with the pace of her life in Alaska. Back in the small town of Indigo—where everyone knows everyone else’s business—Avery dreams of a bigger life. But with her ex-boyfriend back in town, it’s hard to get the past out of her head.

Drafted by the NHL right out of high school, Roman Forsyth left behind the love of his life to follow his pro career. With an injury sidelining him, Roman isn’t sure how much longer he’ll be at the top of his game.  He is sure that he wants Avery just as much as he ever did.

While Roman wants a chance to make things right, Avery isn’t sure she can just forgive and forget. But when their long-buried passion sizzles back to life, they need to escape the watchful eyes of the rest of the town long enough to figure out if it’s any harder to stay together than it’s been to stay apart …

Release Date: August 6, 2013
Alaskan Nights #3
ISBN: #978-0451239730
Contemporary Romance
Paperback (384 pgs), e-book
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Just In Time (Book 3)

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