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Midnight Games
Author: Elle Kennedy 
Reviewer: VampBard
Rating: A-, 4 stars

What I’m Talking About:

I thoroughly enjoyed Elle Kennedy’s latest offering in her Killer Instincts series, Midnight Games.  With much suspense, this super saga with stealthy studs gives an entirely new meaning to ninja mode. **fans self**  Definitely 4 out of 5 on the hotness scale!

The beginning of this book tore out my heart and stomped it on the ground.  “His broad shoulders were hunched over, shaking uncontrollably as he clung to the woman in his arms.  He rocked her as if she were a baby, murmuring silent words as he stroked her black hair and gazed into her vacant eyes.”  No. Way.  I sobbed like a baby.  I had to put down Midnight Games for a few hours after I read this section.  The way Ms. Kennedy wrote about this situation – I totally felt for the man that lost the other piece of his heart.  However, it completely set up the fabulous story arc to follow.  I hope it’s an indication of the series arc, as well.

I do need to mention that I love the supporting cast in this title.  Besides supporting the story arc, moving the plot, and helping to create substance in the characters, the supporting cast has a personality all their own.  While we don’t get to know some of them very well, we’re given glimpses to compile our knowledge of them, if we’ve read other titles in the series.  My favorite description of the supporting characters was this:

The day Sullivan Port and Liam Macgregor met, birds had been chirping, angels had been singing, and every single woman on the plant creamed her frickin’ panties.

If that doesn’t give the reader an accurate description of these two drool-worthy hotties, I’m not sure what does.

Isabel is the woman of a thousand faces.  Even though she uses them to escape her own tortured existence, Trevor sees through the valiant front she portrays to others.  And he doesn’t want to let her keep anything – literally – between them.  I have so much empathy for Isabel, and I want to be a huge fan of Trevor throughout the book.  Something simply holds me back from going in whole-hearted though.  It seems as though Trevor is trying to micromanage everything – all their interactions, all their communication seems shrouded in deception that was a huge big deal to Isabel.  Seems like such a double standard.  Don’t get me wrong, Trevor is smokin’ hot, and he definitely says and does all the right things.  What makes him a perfectly flawed hero is this double standard.  The favorite thing he said was this:

“It means you’re not playing a part when you’re with me.  You’re opening yourself up to me, and that makes a difference when it comes to sex.  You can’t experience true intimacy unless you let down your guard.”

I. Love. Isabel.  I want to be her when I grow up.  She completely kicks ass, and doesn’t bother to take names.  She’s kinda like Chuck Norris that way.  I mean, when there’s the ability to recreate yourself in a bazillion ways, and the legal documentation to back it up?  Who WOULDN’T totally go for it?  Her artistic ability with makeup and creating new persona are a talent that definitely worked for her in dealing with the casino owner dude.  When she finally admits to herself that she does care about Trevor, **I** was completely shredded.  “All she knew was that the notion of losing Trevor made her heart feel like someone had sliced it to ribbons with a sharp blade.”  Because of Ms. Kennedy’s clear writing, I, too, fell for Trevor.

I struggled with the way Trevor forced Isabel to reveal her feelings.  I thought it was sketchy and underhanded.  I felt as though he manipulated her.  That could just be me and my experiences, however.  I also struggled with some of the descriptions in the ARC I read, which were probably revised prior to publication.

What I can’t wait for, however, is the NEXT book.  PLEEEZZZEEEE tell me it’s Jim and Noelle!  The heat between those two was pretty much burning up my Kindle.  I’d take the Rookie & Juliet, too.  Hubba, hubba!!!  Very much looking forward to more in Ms. Kennedy’s Killer Instincts series.

4 stars: Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)


About the Book:

She wears a thousand deadly identities. He sees through them all.

A master of disguise, Isabel Roma spends her life pretending to be other women.  Normally, her emotions are reined in tight—but sexy mercenary Trevor Callaghan has a knack for getting under her skin. The elite operative’s quiet strength and raw magnetism affect her in ways she’s never felt before, a distraction that can quickly turn deadly in their dangerous line of work.

After putting his tragic past behind him, Trevor is ready to focus on his future—and he damn well intends for Isabel to be in it. When their entire operation is thrown into chaos, Trevor enlists Isabel’s talent for deception. And as they attempt to save their team in a world where the stakes are high and the danger is grave, Trevor must convince Isabel that the woman beneath all the disguises is the one worth having…..

Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Signet
Series: Killer Instincts #3
ISBN: 978-0451240026
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format(s): Paperback (368 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher/NetGalley

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Midnight Games (Book 3)
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