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Authors After Dark 2013

Today I’m hijacking the Saturday Conversation spot to bring you a recap of my trip to Authors After Dark 2013: Savannah Nights! I had another wonderful time at AAD, and if I had to summarize in one word this year compared with the previous two, it would be MELLOW. The entire trip had a much more low-key atmosphere for a few reasons. First: the weather. It rained A LOT–almost the entire time we were there. It made it difficult to get out of the hotel and see Savannah. Second: the hotel. We were a little isolated from the attractions of Savannah, and with the rotten weather, we were pretty much stuck at the hotel. In addition, the hotel didn’t have a great bar area (the one that they had was only open until 10:00 PM). Lastly: repeat trip. This was my third AAD, and the fan-girl newness of the entire event has worn off. I was there to visit and socialize, to hear from great authors and such. I wasn’t as crazed about being everywhere at once, getting autographs and stalking authors. I was more mellow.

With that said… I did have a great time, and the more mellow atmosphere was much needed. I had a great time with my roommate, Teresa D’Amario, who hosted a book launch party for her upcoming title, Visions of Fire and Ice. The party, on Friday evening, featured a belly-dancing troupe, complete with lessons. They were also applying henna tattoos, which I participated in.

Belly Dancing Party.

I met some new-to-me blogging buddies. I spent a lot of time with fellow Jennifer, The Book Nympho, as well as Laura from Little Read Riding Hood, Chelsea from Vampire Book Club, and Jenese from Readers Confession. I also connected with some of my more long-term peeps who were there. In addition, I always look forward to stalking spending time with my favorite authors and having the opportunity to meet new-to-me authors. Once again, AAD did not disappoint on this front. I had the chance to spend quality time with several of the authors, each of them so wonderful and gracious. I just love that!

Laura, Me, Jenese & Chelsea

Over the week, I attended several panels, mostly on the paranormal and urban fantasy track. My favorite panel was probably the one on gods and magic, which featured Joey W. Hill, con organizer Stella Price, Kendall Grey, Tilly Greene and Erin Kellison. I love hearing how authors take a known mythology and reshape it to make it their own. However, Ms. Grey, whose answer to each question ended with “I make up my own gods,” made us all laugh over and over. (And I am totally interested in reading her series!)

God and Magic panel.

One of the pastimes of the event was trying to photobomb unsuspecting Jennifer Estep. She is such a wonderful person (and amazing author). She played along each time!

Photobombing Jennifer Estep after a panel discussion.

I’ve put a bunch of photos on my FaceBook account if you would like to see more of my trip. It was a great experience and I plan to head back next summer when the conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten about all of you! In the upcoming weeks, look for a great giveaway featuring swag and books from AADSAV!

Thank you for stopping by to chat! Happy Reading!


14 responses to “Saturday Conversations: AADSAV

  1. Jules

    Sounds like a great trip despite the rain. Hopefully I’ll meet up with you in North Caroline next year!

    • Angela: It really is a wonderful con – it’s small and intimate – not as overwhelming as the larger cons. I recommend it! Plus, if you come next year – we can meet!

  2. I would agree with all of your points. It was my 2nd AAD (went last year to AADNOLA) it was much more low key.

    It was great getting to spend more time with you this year. Fingers crossed we get to hang at another con in the near future.

  3. Next year’s is down the road from me, so I can’t WAIT!!!! Maybe there won’t be belly dancing though. LOL And hey, for anyone who read SheWolf or Blood Moon Betrayed, the “Uwharrie Forest” is just down the road from Charlotte! Next year you can actually drive through there if you have a car and are going toward the west to get to Charlotte. 😀 Wait, there’s an idea, maybe I can plan a trip to the forest for people. Hmmmm may be interesting! Wonder if they’ll see Kieran or Sean hiding in the trees! And yes, I had a total blast this year despite the rain. The belly dancing was awesome, and hanging out with Jen is always fun. 😀 That’s Jen, Jennifer and Jenny? Oh wait, Jenny wasn’t there, just Jen and Jennifer. LOL

    • There were a lot of “Jennifers” at the con this year! It was another great year rooming with you! Glad we get to connect on an annual basis!

    • It was great to hang out again this year – and thanks for the awesome breakfast tip! That was soooooo gooooood!! Glad I’ll be seeing you next year, too!