Saturday Conversations: Attending a Book Launch Party

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Nima attends the DOON Launch Party in Cincinnati

This is the fun part of my job, meeting and associating with wonderfully creative people.  I sat in heavy traffic thanks to an accident, so I arrived a few minutes late.  There was already a crowd gathered by the hearth of Joseph-Beth Booksellers, adjacent to the children’s section.  Each had a glass of chilled bubbly ready to christen the maiden voyage of DOON. Beautiful book cover posters highlighted the Scottish highlands.

Nima with the book poster for Doon.
Nima with the book poster for Doon.


In front of the posters, co-authors Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon read the dedication:

For the romantics, the visionaries, and the believers
who’ve crossed the bridge in pursuit of a dream;
especially Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe.
There but for you go I.

Lerner and Loewe are, of course, the creators of the iconic musical Brigadoon.  Today’s movie goers might remember Nat King Cole’s cover of “It’s Almost Like Being In Love” during the end credits of the 1993 movie Ground Hog Day.  If you’ve never watched Brigadoon, get it on Netflix the next time you have a rainy afternoon or a night to yourself.  It’s lovely.  (Get the 1954 version with Gene Kelley.)

Authors Cary Corp and Lorie Langdon read from their book, Doon.
Co-authors Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon read from their book, Doon.

Following the dedication there was a toast, everyone joining in, and a brief reading.  During the Q&A session where Corp and Langdon discussed the ways in which their story differs from Lerner and Loewe’s concept, we learned that Cary wrote one main character and Lorie wrote the other.  This allows each character to be fully developed and have her own voice.  For the reading, they each read the character they individually wrote.  It was fun to literally hear the different voices of Vee and Mackenna.  Finally there was a raffle, book signing and CAKE!  Feed me and I will attend…  Seriously, a fun night with fun ladies.

Thank you for stopping by to chat! Happy Reading!


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