My Friday Reads: September 13, 2013

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This week has been very busy for me. Here at my house, things are back in full swing. Both kids are back in school and sports. The Boy also had his big brown belt test in karate a week ago (he’d been training all summer). I went back to work as well. What does all this mean? It means way less time to read than I would like. It also means that I haven’t finished the book I started earlier this week; therefore, I do not have my review for today. So instead… I’m going to share what I’m reading this Friday and what’s up next for me…

My #FridayReads for today is Rush by Joan Swan.

About the book:

Jessica Fury, Washington lobbyist, has money, connections, and her own firm. But five years ago she had something better: happiness. Her firefighter husband, Quaid, was handsome, courageous, and crazy about her. Then one day he walked into a chemical inferno—and never walked out. Jessica has been through hell to get back on her feet. And then a rumor surfaces that could bring a miracle or shatter her world – again.

Q has been a prisoner forever. He’s honed his mind and body into weapons. He’s developed abilities no one else understands. But he’s still at the mercy of a cabal of ruthless men, who blank his memory, test him like a lab rat, and tell him lies. Although his past has been erased and his future looks grim, instinct tells him he has a woman to live for. What his mind can’t remember, his body can’t forget…

This is the third book in the Phoenix Rising Series. I really enjoyed the first two books: Fever and Blaze. The books, including through the halfway point of Rush, are full of suspenseful action and super sexy romance.

Up next for me… I plan to read Sharp Bite of Pleasure by KT Grant and Never Gonna Say Goodbye by Jessica Subject.

What about you… what are you reading this Friday? What’s up next for you?

Happy Reading!


6 responses to “My Friday Reads: September 13, 2013

  1. I’ve falling behind on my reading too. I finished two audios this week but I’m still reading last Fridayread, Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding. I plan to finish it and start the next one in the series this weekend.

  2. unareads

    I am reading Stonecast by Anton Strout. I don’t know how I did it, but I am ahead on my schedule. It IS thoroughly shocking.

  3. jovialvampyre

    I am also reading RUSH. Joan has me on an emotional ride. I wish I had more time where I could just sit down and read this straight through. It’s so damn good.

    • I agree! It is hard to start and stop, but with life, that’s just the way it happens. I’m sitting at the Boy’s football practice-time to catch a few pages!