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Publicizing old posts

I’ve noticed a trend lately on twitter, and I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m seeing more and more tweets pushing “archived” blog posts. It started with one or two blogs, but now I seem to see these tweets coming from all directions. No matter what the posts are dubbed… all they are are recycled, old blog posts.

Based on the way they are presented on Twitter, I’m guessing that there must be some sort of auto-generator or plugin that sends out the tweets – but I could be wrong. My guess is based on some of the archived tweets I’ve seen out there. While someone may want to see an old post about a review or favorite author interview, it’s highly unlikely one would want to re-read the winners of a contest that is long expired (yes, I’ve seen archive posts about old contests being tweeted).

And therein lies the issue for me… it seems that there is little to no quality control on the tweets prior to going public. I don’t want to read about old stuff that is no longer relevant. This has caused me to basically ignore any tweet that says “archived” or any derivation of such. Am I’m being to radical? Am I missing out?

What about you? Do you click links in tweets labeled “archive”? If so… what is the draw? Are you a blogger that tweets archived posts? How do you set it up? Does it really bring in more traffic?

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  1. Jules

    I think I could accept it from another outlet, but the whole concept of Twitter, Instagram, and such is that they aren’t just current, but are moment by omens current. Seems counter-intuitive to me.

  2. Yes Jen, I use this. There are at least 2 popular WP plugins that I know ppl use. I use Win the Customer I think and there is Tweet Old Post.

    The issue that you have can be fixed by the individual. For instance you can add a hashtag to be added on the tweet or intro. You can also select what tag/category you do NOT Awant to be tweeted.

    I agree its silly some of the tweets that are being sent. I try to ONLY do my previous reviews or guest post, interviews, etc.

    • Great info, Janese, Thanks! I like that you can taylor the posts by not sharing things like old contest winners. Do you find that you are getting good hits with the archived posts?

  3. I look at the archive tweets and if it’s a review or anything that’s not an old giveaway I’ll look at if I’m interested.

    I use the Tweetily plugin. And like Jenese said you can pick the categories you do NOT want posted.

    After reading this post I went back to look at what I had checked.

    NOW I only have these categories set to tweet:
    Author Guest Post
    Author Interview
    Character Interview
    Mistletoe Madness
    Narrator Interviews
    What the Feck

    Another reason to use categories correctly.

    • Oh and you can also set how many days back it goes (I have my set at 90 days, I may change that to 30 days so that the archives are “newer”) and you can set the time between tweets. I have it set at 4 hours.

      • Thanks, Jennifer! More great info. I like the option on setting a “date limit” on the posts as well. Do you find you are getting much traffic on these posts?

  4. I limit mine to reviews (mostly because I don’t feel those are ever out of date since I read old books too) and my technical posts (the information is still valid). I do click on old post tweets if it is a book that looks interesting. I think the trick is to narrow down what you old tweet. 🙂 Plus label appropriately for those not interested in old posts.

    I use Tweet old Posts