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Going to the Library

We are big fans of the library in my house. The kids and I visit our local library on average, every other week. There is a wonderful children’s room, full of hundreds of picture books and just as many middle-grade readers. They have a section of chunky board books, a reference section, DVDs and puppets. There is a quiet little reading nook and a train table. It’s a wonderful environment for toddlers up through teens. In fact, I joke that I will continue to use the children’s room long after my kids have grown because the atmosphere and staff are so wonderful.

We also check-out a steady supply of books from the library. The Boy reads about two books per week, so he’s always getting something new to read. I couldn’t afford to buy all those books for him to read, so I’m so glad that he takes full advantage of the library and its staff. Baby Girl and I get some sort of fairy, princess and/or mermaid chapter book to read together every night. She has her favorites that we have checked-out over and over. While I don’t make use of the library quite as much for my personal reading (I receive review copies to keep me occupied), our family gets a lot out of our local library.

Recently, I was talking with another mom, whose son was looking for something to read. We were at a book fair and she picked up several hardcover books to purchase for her 10 year old son. Noticing that, I commented “They have all of those books at the library!” She looked at me with her nose slightly scrunched up and replied “Oh, we don’t do library books.” I smiled politely and thought What? How can you not use the library?

Since then, I’ve discovered there are others like this person who just don’t use their local library. Reasons given to me include: not having the time to go, not liking a limit on how long one can keep a book, or not wanting to get germs from other people. I was shocked at this. I guess I just figured everyone would love the library as much as I do. So that got me wondering…

What about you? Do you make use of your local library? Who in your family uses the library and how? If you don’t use the library – why?

Thank you for stopping by to chat! Happy Reading!


16 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Using the Library

  1. I do use the library. In fact, probably about 1 in 4 books I review come from the library. The fact that our libraries are in financial jeopardy because of the cities obligation to retirees is really irking me into action. I think more people need to be enlightened on the benefits of local libraries. There are so many people out of work that libraries provide an excellent resource for those who don’t have computers at home.

    • Glad to hear you use your library! I do get a few review books from the library as well. There are very few books I outright buy these days. I just wish we had a bigger selection of ebooks, with a little more lending flexibility.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I always did because since the minute I learned to read I have always read a lot (not as much as now, but…). I used my local library a lot until I got a Kindle and we didn’t get a Kindle download service at ours before the ARCs started rolling in for the blog.

    If I had kids though we’d be there and actually I would want to live closer because being able to walk to the library as a kid was a huge thing.

    Germs: Yeah, maybe. Germs don’t tend to survive that long on paper do they?
    We are too concerned about this and there’s a lot of proof that antibacterial products cause allergy and autoimmune disease.

    The biggest problem for me was that the library didn’t have the books I wanted to read and the inter library loan didn’t either.

    • Inter library loan requests take forever. And our library is FINALLY just getting some of the romance books. But… It’s still a great resource!

  3. I love my library. I have had a card forever and while it has been forever since I actually have been in the library (I now use mostly overdrive) it is still the place to go when I am missing a book from a series or want to try a new author.

    In this day and age of budgets–why would anyone turn down the service of a library? *sigh*

    • As I mentioned, our library system doesn’t have a wide variety of ebooks and it takes forever to get the ones available, so I don’t make use of that service. They do have a great selection of audio… but I don’t use audio books. 🙁

  4. I use my library when possible. Although it’s there online catalogue for audios and ebooks. So no germs. LOL

    With more and more library systems adding ebooks and audios for download I don’t see why more people are using this resource to save money.

    My library gives you two opitions, 7 days or 14 days. If you can’t read a book within 14 days then you’re probably not much of a reader anyway. But you can always re-check the book out to finish.

    Sure the waiting list on some books are long because they are a popular author or a new release but why not save money where you can?

    I’m shocked at how many bloggers that don’t have a library cards. And my friend is a school librarian and she doesn’t have a card either. O.o

    I’m actually going challenge myself in 2014 to not spend any money on books and I’ll be using my library to help me with that.

    • Same here, unfortunately. When I first started reading PNR back about five years ago, I was able to get many backlisted series via inter library loans since my library didn’t carry them. Luckily, there are a couple PNR/UF readers that work there now, so they are getting more of a selection.

    • Miss Wendy

      This was my issue too, when I first discovered our local library a few years ago. Luckily one of the staff explained to me how easy it is to ask the library to buy a new book or series that I want. If I have my act together I can request it a few weeks before the release date and it’s usually waiting for me, right on time. And I agree, Twimom’s local library is quite wonderful! 😉

      • I just love the helpful staff who order books in the genres I read. It’s great to have more PNR/UF readers out there. They also help feed my son’s reading appetite with all sorts of books that he requests!

  5. I love my library and try to use them , but with a pile of books to read . I tend to forget about them. But I do make it a point to donate books to my library and have them in the system to share with other readers.

  6. Jules

    I use the library more for things other than books. We get videos, CD’s, use the computers, and the homework helpline. They have special programs going on all the time where we can meet authors, discuss a book with other readers, and community focused events like the annual quilt show. I especially like using their selection of audio books. I’m surprised by the number of books I can move through ten minutes at a time while I’m in the car running errands and picking up kids.