Review: Long Shot by Hanna Martine

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Long Shot
Author: Hanna Martine 
Reviewer: Una
Rating: A-, 4 Stars

What I’m Talking About:

Long Shot is the premier novel in the new Highland Games series by Hanna Martine.  In short, for a non-contemporary lover like me – I loved it!  I mean, seriously, what’s not to love; men in kilts showing off skills and serious muscles = melt!

As I have said before, I prefer my romance with some paranormal or fantasy element blended in, if not at least some murder or mystery.  I typically do not read strict contemporary romance.  However, when I saw that Ms. Martine was starting a new series with men in kilts, I thought I would give it a shot.  I thoroughly enjoyed her Elementals series and thought this might be interesting.  Boy, am I glad I volunteered.

The story of Leith and Jen was engaging and well grounded.  The usual complaints that I have for contemporaries was blessedly missing.  This book shares the story of a young love that ended quite badly, which is then reignited by outside circumstances.  And due to these circumstances, they are then forced to work together and therefore work through the issues that divided them.  It was thankfully not predictable even though we do have a happy ending.  Their journey was passionate, good and bad as well as heartwarming.  The physical passion between them sizzles as the sexual tension grows and then flames.

Both Leith and Jen have their own demons and issues each needs to deal with – that they think they have overcome.  But until faced with each other – they come to realize they still have much to resolve.  Jen’s relationships with her sister, niece and mother are quite troubled.  However, it seems that most of the “issues” are between Jen and her mother and Jen and her sister.  Although I felt some back-story was glossed over a bit in this element, I really admire how Jen and her sister were able to bridge their gap. It was interesting to watch Jen finally look at herself; where she has been, where she is, and where she is going.  Her personal journey to self-realization was a long time coming.  Without a close knit circle of friends, it is not surprising that Jen has lost herself in work in order to fill herself with something even at the expense of her family.

In contrast, Leith’s issues are different.  He is the town’s golden boy.  He was the star athlete in high school and a Highland Games undefeated champion three years in a row.  But time has passed and things change, people change.  Leith is no exception.  His business in the town is dying and he feels he no longer has anything keeping him anchored.  That is until his first and really only love returns.  As much as the journey of Leith and Jen is about her issues – Leith has his own demons to banish.  For good or ill, it is heartfelt as Jen and Leith try to help each other face those demons – and decided if they are meant to be.

If you are looking for a fun, light, and hot contemporary romance, please pick up Long Shot.  It is, at least for me, not your typical contemporary romp!

4 stars: Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)


About the Book:

Jen Haverhurst is on the verge of becoming a partner in New York City’s top event-planning company when her sister calls begging for help. The New Hampshire town of Gleann—where they spent many happy childhood summers—is in danger of losing its main attraction, the Highland Games. Jen reluctantly agrees to take over running the Games, as well as helping with their aunt’s failing B&B. But she didn’t count on Leith MacDougall.

Before Jen left town ten years ago, Leith was a summer friend who grew into something much more. Since then, he’s become a legend of the Highland Games, winning three years in a row. Now retired, he’s just about ready to skip town to chase his own dreams of success.

But when Jen tries to convince Leith to stick around and help revive the Games, their youthful romance is revived into a very grown-up Highland affair…

Release Date: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Berkley
Series: Highland Games #1
ISBN: #978-0425267516
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format(s): Paperback (304 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Publisher

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Long Shot (Highland Games #1)

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