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Falling in Love

One of the things I love about the online romance community is the never-ending discussion of the BOOK BOYFRIEND. You know, those hot alpha males found in the pages of our beloved books… he is practically ideal in every way. Generally rich or self-made, handsome or flawed but in a sexy way, smart, tough but kind to those that deserve it, and above all, he finds his woman the center of his universe. I know friends that have lists of their book boyfriends. Or have found a real-life actor/s whom they feel represents their book boyfriend/s. It is a lot of fun to pretend and indulge in the book boyfriend.

I will admit that I’ve imagined an ideal book boyfriend a time or two. But as a reader of romance, I enjoy a good love story – not just the hot male. In reality, I am not a big book boyfriend kind of girl. Rather, I am a BOOK COUPLE kind of reader. I don’t just love the male – I love how he is with his female. I adore their mutual attraction, their give and take, and watching them grow as a couple. I want to read that they make it. And the perfect couple doesn’t just ride off into the sunset… they have their ups and downs and are better because of it.

Currently I have two favorite book couples. Number one on the list: KATE AND CURRAN. For those of you who do not read the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews, you are truly missing out. This crazy urban fantasy centers on a strong but human heroine, Kate. She can take down almost anyone, and in doing so, trusted no one. Until she met the Beast Lord, Curran. The pair did not have an easy courtship, which made their coupling that much more satisfying. In the most recent book, Magic Rises, Kate and Curran hit a bumpy road, and because of it, they grow closer – their relationship stronger. It is sublime and I am in love with the couple. They make my emotions soar from one end of the spectrum to the other.

My other favorite book couple is RAPHAEL AND ELANA. The pair are the primary couple in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. The series chronicles a pending war in a world controlled by powerful angels. As taken from my upcoming review (Monday 10/21) of the soon-to-be released Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh: “Raphael and Elana make a great team and couple. I absolutely love their back and forth; how they communicate, live, fight, and love. They respect and care for one another so deeply and thoroughly; it fills my heart and mind with joy when reading this pair.” In Archangel’s Legion Elena and Raphel tackle the skeletons in the closest, addressing fears and long-standing nightmares head on. It is an exhausting journey, but the pair learn important lessons in love along the way. I absolutely adore this book and couple, and I look forward to watching their continuing journey.

So what about you? Are you a book boyfriend kind of reader? Who tops your list? Do you enjoy book couples equally, more, or less than a book boyfriend? Who are your favorites?

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6 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Book Couples

  1. I started out as a ‘book boyfriend’ kind-of-girl, but I think I’ve slowly transformed to a couples girl. I think a lot of how we view characters has to do with where we are emotionally, as a person. And how our perceptions of our own lives are going.

    When my life is happy and things are going well, I focus on the relationship between the couple more when I read. When I’m being a pouty-face over things in my own life, I focus on those hot alpha-males that make my blood sing.

    However, without those hot alpha-males that are so swoon-worthy, I don’t think there would be quite so many fabulous couples in the books we read. While I read a wide variety of the romance genre, I definitely swoon when there’s a strong femme fatale that has the power to put those hunky alphas in their place. Abso-frickin’-lutely.

    I see both sides of this debate. I’ve lived them. I think, overall, it depends on the specific book and where I am emotionally as I read. After all, we use our books as a venture into an alternate reality; a moment of escape from the trials and tribulations thrown at us by life.

      • Agreed 🙂 But for me, to have a favorite book couple, the female of the duo needs to be just as strong as the male. Alpha-male dude can be a complete jerk to everyone else as long as he’s melted butter for the one he loves. I also really need to see change happen in that alpha male. If he hasn’t overcome enough or suffered enough, he’s not going to make it as one of my favorites. Same holds true for mates.

  2. Una

    I think I have always been a book couple, though I have my favorite alpha males that I love. I think they would not have the attraction or thrill without the female that challenges them, loves them for good and bad and allows us to see the softer side. Through the story we get to see the whole package and that is what I love!