Review: A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

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A SEAL Wolf Christmas
Author: Terry Spear
Reviewer: B.
Rating: A-, 4 Stars

What I’m Talking About:

Being the lone female operative among a group of tough, retired SEAL werewolves isn’t easy, but Anna Johnson has rightfully earned her place within their ranks. She certainly has no intention of giving that part of her life up for the sexy wolf who has been shadowing her and her team on their most recent assignment, even if he makes her want him more than any other man ever has. But, when their next assignment requires them play “house” during a murder investigation, Anna realizes that giving in to what she wants could not only be the key to accepting her own past, but a chance at a happier future than she ever dreamed possible.

When he crossed paths with Anna the first time, Bjornolf Jorgenson knew he wanted to become better acquainted the lovely she-wolf. As a lone wolf, however, he also knew how dangerous an attraction that powerful could be. Yet, when he sees her again while on a mission he was never meant to openly participate in, he can’t help but want her for his mate. With any luck, and a lot of undeniable attraction, the holiday assignment they’ve agreed to take on might just prove to be the merriest Christmas either of them has ever had.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading quite a few of Ms. Spear’s shifter novels by now, and have enjoyed each and every one. I’m very pleased to add A SEAL Wolf Christmas to that list now, too. Some of my favorite things about these stories are the humor, strength of the main characters, and suspenseful plots that drive the narratives. Anna is tough as nails outside and in, but once she starts to open up to Bjornolf, her shell begins to crack and she gains a depth that isn’t apparent at first. Her discomfort and confusion over her own reactions is endearing, and makes her a more well rounded character, while never rendering her “soft.”

Bjornolf, on the other hand, is more consistent throughout the story, and may very well be my favorite of the “alpha males” I’ve read in the series yet. While he lacks the comical bafflement over Anna’s strength that works so well for some of the other men in the Heart of the Wolf series, he has a warmth to his humor that matches Anna’s disposition perfectly. Another thing I liked about Bjornolf is that he knows exactly how tough Anna is, and wants her to stay that way, willingly, if not always happily, going against his instincts so that Anna can be the fighter that she is. He simply gets her, and that chemistry plays out very naturally in the story.

A SEAL Wolf Christmas is not only Anna and Bjornolf’s story, but is also a class reunion of sorts for quite a few characters from previous books. In addition to well-known characters from the SEAL team, Ms. Spear uses the book to update readers on the status of characters from not only the SEAL novels, but the Highland wolves, as well, Duncan and Shelley’s interaction being my favorite from the roster. There is also a nod or two to her jaguar shifters, guaranteeing that there’s something for every fan of these novels. Occasionally, it seemed that the inclusion of so many outside characters weighed the story down, but I was still glad to see them and find out what they’re up to.

Thankfully, the author likes her characters to have more purpose than to just fall for one another, and A SEAL Wolf Christmas has plenty of action and suspense to that end. Even after the guilty parties become known, finding proof and connecting all the dots while keeping the shifter world hidden from humans provides the tension needed to maintain a brisk pacing throughout the story. I did feel that some of the loose ends were tied off so suddenly that it seemed too convenient at times, but given the broad scope of the plot and all the cameos involved, it still worked overall.

Once again, Ms. Spear has delivered an intriguing, romantic shifter story that was fun to read. While a happy ending is to be expected, Anna and Bjornolf have to work hard to get theirs, and I enjoyed watching the evolution of their relationship. The appearance of so many other characters I’d become attached to was likewise fun to read. Although there were several moments in the story I had some difficulty connecting with, the spirit of the narrative made up for it. I’m recommending A SEAL Wolf Christmas not only as a good addition to the series, but also as a welcome bit of holiday shifter goodness.

4 stars: Enjoyed – strongly recommend (A-)


About the Book:

Can an Alpha Wolf Who’s Met His Match…

Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson has had tough missions before, but going undercover with feisty gray wolf Anna Johnson could top the list. She drives him crazy—in more ways than one. Now he has to investigate a murder, supervise a wild teenage wolf—and handle Christmas with Anna.

Survive the Holidays with Her?

For Anna, the only thing worse than staging the perfect family Christmas is having to do it with Bjornolf posing as her husband. Anna is a serious undercover operative who isn’t afraid of a fight, even with a hunky SEAL shifter. With a killer on the loose, Anna just wants to focus on their mission, but the one thing she can’t fight is her sizzling chemistry with Bjornolf.

Release Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Series: Heart of the Wolf #12
ISBN: #978-1402284090
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format(s): Paperback (320 pgs), e-book
Book Source: NetGalley/Publisher

Purchase Info:
A SEAL Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf #12)

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