Review & Giveaway: Bound by Wish and Mistletoe by Kat Bastion

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Bound by Wish and MistletoeBBWAM Cover
Author: Kat Bastion
Reviewer: VampBard
Rating: A+, 5 Stars

What I’m Talking About:

Kat Bastion has done it again!  Bound by Wish and Mistletoe, a follow-up holiday novella to her fabulous first title in her Highland Legends series, Forged in Dreams and Magick, offers the reader more insight to the wonderful world created.  And more of Iain and Isabel!

I don’t think I’ve read a heroine as sassy as Susanna MacEalan in a long time.  To say that she begins as a reluctant participant in the ‘couple’ is an understatement.  With physical agility as well as tenacity to be free, she definitely was no wallflower in her battle of independence.  As Susanna grew as a character and learned to trust, she did have roadblocks to hurdle.  It wasn’t easy for her.  Learning to love – and BE loved – was probably the most difficult task she’d ever undertaken. Watching her build friendships with Isa and Iain’s sister was parallel to watching a newborn colt gain its legs.  As feisty as Susanna was, I think she found her match in Robert.

Head of Iain’s guard, Robert had sworn-off women.  They’re all more trouble than they’re worth.  Always trying to manipulate him into a marriage proposal or some sort of commitment.  I found it fascinating that Robert just knew that Susanna was the one for him.  His inner voice telling him resistance was futile.  How he knew he’d win her over eventually.  How that big lug of a man went to the mat for this woman that he innately knew he loved, but merely wished would be able to one day love him back.  I was rooting for Robert from the first moment he saw Susanna.

Over-all, this was a great way for me to catch another glimpse at Iain and pregnant-with-twins Isa.  I missed them.  Stoic Robert gets his HEA… and Isabel gets Christmas.  What a wonderful magick that is!  Excellent holiday novella, perfect for a cup of cocoa and snuggling under the blanket in front of the fireplace this holiday season!

5 stars: Personal favorite – a must read (A+)


About the Book:

Desperate to honor a life-long promise, Susanna MacEalan escapes her abusive clan with the fierce determination of never falling under the power of a man. Ever.

Aggravated by shallow-hearted pursuing lasses, Robert Brodie, commander of his clan’s elite guard, has foresworn scheming women. Forever.

When magick transforms Brodie Castle into a Christmas wonderland, the two despondent souls find solace in a most unexpected place . . . each other’s arms.

Amid a whirlwind of escalating events, Susanna’s traumatic past threatens Robert’s ability to protect the one woman meant for him. In a harrowing moment, as her fears and demons coalesce, will hope, faith, and love be enough to save them?

Release Date: November 4, 2013
Publisher: self-published
Series: Highland Legends #1.5
ISBN: 978-0615869254
Genre: Paranormal-Historical Romance
Format(s): Paperback (160 pgs), e-book
Book Source: Author

Purchase Info:
Bound by Wish and Mistletoe (Highland Legends #1.5)

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  1. Jess1

    Congrats to the author in getting five star reviews on both of the books. Thanks for the big giveaway.

  2. Stephanie F.

    I loved the first book in the series. Ian and Isabel were such a great couple. Excited to read this novella, especially after your review.

    • Deelylah Mullin

      Hey, Stephanie! Hope you enjoy as much as I did! Love the world in these stories! ~*VampBard*~

  3. Thank you so much, VampBard for the fantastic review. I’m beyond thrilled you loved Bound by Wish and Mistletoe too!

    And thank you, Jen! For participating in the tour and for Tweeting VampBard’s awesome review. <3

    It goes live in just a few hours! {vibrates}

    ~ Kat

    • Deelylah Mullin

      Dear Kat,

      Fantastic reviews are only written when the book is written in a way that draws in the reader!

      Don’t ask my family how drawn in I was… 😉 ~*VampBard*~

      • Dear, VampBard,

        You have the most eloquent way of writing reviews, drawing in -your- readers. <3

        And… Uh-ohhh… {hopes your family still likes me} 😉

        ~ Kat