Saturday Conversations: Week in Summary

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Saturday Conversations

What’s Going on…

This week’s Conversation has a duel purpose. First, I want to highlight a couple of blog posts. Second, I want chat…

This past week:

This week was a busy one – isn’t that the way with holiday weeks? Between wrapping up work for a short week and getting last minute homework assignments in for the kids, and preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I didn’t have a lot of time to blog. Although, I did really enjoy pulling together our joint review of Kicking It edited by Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price. If you haven’t checked it out, Kicking It is an anthology of short stories from nine awesome urban fantasy authors. Gikany/Una, B. and I each read three of the stories and shared our thoughts, giving the reader an overview of the entire book. Plus, the publisher and authors are hosting a fabulous giveaway… I highly suggest you stop by!

I also ran a review for the first book in Ann Mayburn’s new Submissive’s Wish series, Ivan’s Captive Submissive, yesterday. I bring this to your attention because I adore Ann and enjoy her books. When I am looking for a sexy, erotic romance, she is my go-to author. I love that she writes about well-adjusted, competent adults who have sex because THEY LIKE IT! They aren’t trying to get over something from their pasts or work out problems by engaging in kinky sex. I highly recommend you take a look at Ann’s books.

Coming in December:

Oh, I am SO EXCITED about my joint event with Jennifer, The Book Nympho, MISTLETOE MADNESS! In case you’ve missed it, we’ve invited authors with winter releases to stop by and share with readers a fun winter/holiday themed post from their characters’ point-of-view or excerpt. There are some GREAT posts – I totally fangirl *squee’d* over a few. *cough* Larissa Ione *cough* Plus several of the authors are hosting giveaways. You’ll need to stop by everyday to check out what’s going on! I’ve put up the great button in my sidebar, but linked it to the December 2, 2013 kickoff post. So, until then, check here for more info!

Finally, since it is the Saturday Conversations post, I do want to ask you all about something… Do you read  week-end and month-end summary posts that book blog review sites feature? What do you like about them? If you write a blog – do you use post weekly or monthly summaries of content?

Thanks for stopping by and as always… Happy Reading!


7 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Week in Summary

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    When I first started out I did a weekly wrap up post but I stopped doing it. And I don’t generally check them out by other blogs either. I have a small group of blogs I check out daily/weekly.

    Mistletoe Madness is going to be so fun! I’m happy you agreed to co-host.

  2. Marq aka SmutGirl

    I do a weekly recap post but I’m not consistent with it. I also have a month in review post that I am fanatic about. To me it’s a good way to let readers know what they may have missed that month. I don’t visit blogs every single day so a wrap up post helps me out a lot.

      • Marq aka SmutGirl

        I have the Book BLogger’s plug-in and the weekly and monthly recap featured was just added in the latest update. I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Felicia S

    I don’t do them BUT I think they are a great thing to do especially if you work with publishers and authors. You can point them at your wrap-up posts so they can get an idea of how often you post, what type of books you review, and also it helps the SEO (link backs).

    • Thanks for the info, Felicia. I always thought that link backs to your own blog caused problems (I swear that’s why Google marked mine old blog as spam!) Good to know!