Saturday Conversations: Winner Announced!

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Saturday Conversations

And the Winner is…

Thank you so much to all that stopped by and left me comments about my new blog design. It’s been a week, and I’m still in love with the beautiful new look. There are a few tweaks that need to happen, but WOW! I just love it. The latest addition is that I now have a “blog button” on my sidebar if you are so inclined to share those at your own site. For those that may have missed the big announcement, I’ve got a new blog design, courtesy of Parajunkee Design.

So without further ado, I’d like to announce the winner:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winnie won with a tweet about the giveaway on Twitter. And my inner 13-year old boy had to laugh that the winning entry is #69! *snicker* Winnie, please drop me a line at twimom227 (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your $20 [US] Amazon Gift Card!!

While I’ve got you all here – it is time to chat. With the new look and feel, I am also looking at how I do things as well. What are your thoughts on Rafflecopter? Personally, I really like it, because it keeps track of all the entries and randomly selects one. All I need to do is verify the entry. I have a LOT of giveaways coming next month, and plan to use Rafflecopter.

So please tell me: do you mind using Rafflecopter? Are there problems that you encounter? What types of entries do you like and/or dislike? Have you seen other methods to record giveaway entries that you prefer? Please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by to chat!


12 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Winner Announced!

  1. Stephanie F.

    I think that rafflecopter’s the easiest for you and me. It does all the work and makes it fair. The only time it drives me crazy is when their is hundreds of tasks on it, lol. 🙂

    • Stephanie: Thanks for the feedback. I try to keep that in mind when creating giveaways. On most, I’ll only have “leave a comment” and “tweet about the giveaway.” However, when they are a little bigger (like $20 GC), I also try to increase my followers, so I toss in things like follow on FB and such. But I agree, no one should have to jump through hoops to enter, so I’ll only ever make one of the entries mandatory and the rest are optional. Thanks!

  2. Margaret Cook

    The one thing that always bugs me is when one of the entries is “leave a comment” and it wants you to comment on a particular thing but you can’t see the instructions until you click on the entry. I made the wrong comment a few times before I started reading all the entries first. It also bugs me to keep leaving the page and coming back for each entry. But I like that it remembers you and keeps track of entries on multiple blogs.

    • Thanks Margaret. I always try to list in the post what question is being asked, so you should see it in both the post and in the Rafflecopter widget. Does that help what you are talking about? I agree, it’s a pain to have to leave the page and come back, but unfortunately, if the task involves another site, it can’t be helped.

      • Margaret Cook

        Hey Jen! I don’t think it was on your site where that happened but I see it frequently. Yes if you put it in the post that usually covers it, though I have missed it there before too. (need to remember to read directions.) I’ve also seen a few people tell you what to tweet in the widget. Once I saw it after I tweeted about the giveaway, and the other time the iPad wouldn’t let me copy it.

        Also there are some blogs I can’t comment on from the iPad. Last week yours was one, but it’s fixed now. If the comment entry unlocks all the others I can’t enter.

      • I don’t care what people tweet – as long as it gets them back to my site! I put in a suggestion to help, but I’m good with all the combinations people use.

        I can see how that comment issue would be a problem. That’s one reason I say with each contest – if you have problems email me! I can manually add in entries for people having problems.

        Thanks for all of your feedback!!

  3. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    As a blogger and someone that enters giveaways I per Rafflecopter. It’s just easy to use.

  4. I don’t mind rafflecopter but i hate when the mandatory entry is facebook or twitter because that excludes a lt of people who don’t have it.
    One detail though if you want proof of entry ( ex the username) don’t forget to leave a blank for us to fill^^
    also^^ if you use it remember to put in teh rule if it(‘s open to international or not^^

    • I agree, Miki, and I would never make it mandatory to post on places. The only thing I have ever made mandatory is posting a comment, which is usually because an author has requested a question to be answered. The social media bits are to help spread the word and increase following – but never mandatory by me!

      I put the rules of entry in the post and not in the form itself. Maybe I should do both, thanks for that!