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Happy New Year to all! I am super excited to have author and blogger KT Grant here today to share more about the upcoming Lesbian Fiction Appreciation event that she is hosting this month. Please help me welcome back KT to That’s What I’m Talking About


January is one of my favorite times during the year because every January for the past 2 years I have hosted the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event on my blog, Babbling About Books, and More! I decided to host this special event as my way to honor Lesbian literature, including the authors who write for this genre. This was my call to action, when three years ago, around the time I was first published, I was told that authors who write Lesbian fiction don’t make any money, or that they don’t have an audience.  For some reason there’s this belief that no one is reading Lesbian literature or it’s profitable. When it comes to LGBT, the “L” has been ignored. As a multi-published author of LGBT and Straight fiction, specifically Lesbian romance, I have had great success with my lesbian romances. I can say the same goes for the authors and publishers involved in the event again this year. Combined, over 100,000 visitors have read the posts from the 2012 and 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Events. There’s your evidence right there that there is an audience and a readership interested.

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This will be the third year for the LFAE, and it will be bigger than the last two events with over 30 authors, bloggers and publishers participating over a 3 week period instead of 2 weeks, from Sunday, January 5th to Saturday January 25th.

Please stop by and check out some great posts discussing books, authors, movies, and a wide variety of other interesting topics, including some wonderful giveaways. It’s not to be missed!

Click here for more information about the 2014 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event.

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