Review: Watch Me by Sasha White

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Watch Me
Author: Sasha White

Jen Twimom
Rating: B

What I’m Talking About:

Beth and Grant have been happily married four years, and while they still connect, the spark has dimmed. Beth feels ignored by Grant, who can be too busy for sex. Even when are intimate, she feels they are going through the motions.

Looking for some validation and attention, Beth begins a game of exhibitionism, first with a stranger via her window and then masturbating for another on a public bus. As her sexuality is hitting high gear, she needs to figure out how to get Grant on board.

Watch Me is told from the first person point-of-view of Beth, and so the reader is privy to her every thought and emotion. It’s easy to get wrapped up in her loneliness and sexual exploits. I like that she’s a very real woman – some who loves her husband and realizes that he’s a good man, yet she still feels as though something is missing. And like many real people, she doesn’t voice her concerns to her spouse, rather she rationalizes away the underlying problems.

Once the facts emerge, the pair goes through growing pains as they work to keep their relationship solid. I appreciate that there wasn’t an easy fix, and I was pleasantly surprised at the emotional depth the author gave her characters in this shorter-length format. I was frustrated at Grant’s lack of communication, especially as he began to take charge, leaving Beth confused and hurt at times. It bothered me that Grant didn’t take the time to explain himself or talk to Beth. However, since we never saw the relationship though Grant’s perspective, we don’t get true insight into his motives, but I feel the author does an excellent job rationalizing his behavior later in the story. It was heartbreaking, yet touching how the pair worked through their issues and concerns.

The story does have heat, and at one point when Grant punishes Beth for her behavior, my heart was racing. Both Beth’s solo scenes and the pair’s intimate moments were pretty steamy.

All in all, Watch Me is an entertaining novella filled with sexy scenes, but grounded in a meaningful story. It is more than a sexy romp; it has purpose and direction. I appreciated it for all it had to offer in the condensed space. The dynamics of Beth and Grant’s relationship are all too common among married couples, and how they work through their issues added emotional weight to the tale. I breezed through the work in an afternoon sitting, and it left me thinking about the characters and outcomes long after I had finished.

Rating:  B Liked It – Recommend


About the Book:

What is it about the tease that’s so hot?

Bethany Mack has it all – a job she enjoys, a best friend who keeps life interesting, and a man she loves deeply. It’s hardly fair for her to complain about Grant, her husband, working too much when he’s doing it to make their life together, a better one. Right?

So she doesn’t.

When she discovers a surprising exhibitionist streak in herself Bethany figures it’s a harmless way to relieve her growing restlessness, but how will Grant react when he discovers what she’s been doing?

Release Date: August 2, 2014
ISBN: #978-1491212363
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, novella
Paperback (138 pages), e-book
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Watch Me