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Saturday Conversations

Updates to the Book Review Policy

With the new year and still fairly new format and design, I’ve been thinking about other areas that could use a facelift and update. One such place is my BOOK REVIEW POLICY page. While the overall policy has not changed significantly, I’ve updated it here and there to more accurately reflect the titles and genres we review here at That’s What I’m Talking About. I’ve also made an adjustment to the necessary lead times needed to get books on the schedule. These days, I’m am scheduling about three months in advance, which can have challenges, especially when a release date gets moved, or we don’t get a review copy on time. But my team and I roll with the punches and do our best.

One of the big changes to the page is adding specifications and directions on how to request a review or other book/author feature. I hope this helps publishers, publicists and authors – while making it easier for me to put their title on my calendar. When I have to search an email or the web for information to help me make a decision on a book, it doesn’t bode well for getting a review scheduled.

The biggest change is the addition of our new-ish feature: SUNDAY SNIPPET. This is a long-running feature here on the blog, and thanks to Una, who keeps it going. She adds snippets from different books she’s read and reviewed. But I’ve decided to open the slot up to authors with books that we have NOT read. I want the Sunday Snippet feature to be a place where we can help showcase authors’ upcoming or recently released titles, especially when I may not have a review slot. It’s a fun way to expose our readers to some new books.

Here is the criteria for the “new” Snippet feature:

Sunday Snippet is a weekly feature where That’s What I’m Talking About features a short excerpt from a book either we’ve enjoyed reading or a spotlight on a book we haven’t read (yet!). The Sunday Snippet feature runs every Sunday throughout the year. The post will be cross advertised on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you would like to submit a book/snippet for consideration, please email me with your request. Include the following information:
  • Book title, author name, publisher, publication date, and genre classification.
  • Preferred dates for feature – the dates must be SUNDAYS. Please give 3-4 specific dates or a range of dates such as within a certain month.
  • Brief synopsis or summary of the book that will be featured. A link to the GoodReads page is also acceptable.


Once the book is scheduled for a Sunday Snippet, the following information will be required at least two weeks prior to the posting date:

  • Book title, author name, publisher, publication date, and genre classification.
  • A short excerpt that is 300 to 1,200 words in length. Material should be PG-13 and generally spoiler-free. Sex scenes are permissible, as long as it does not cross into R-rating territory.
  • Books featured must be within the review parameters of the blog. (See above for more information).
  • Include a graphic file of the book cover. Minimum size is roughly 250 x 400 pixels. (If you have questions or concerns about the graphic file requirements, please let me know).
  • Optional information you may include: purchase links and author social media links.

So what do you think? Are you excited about these changes at That’s What I’m Talking About? If you are an author/publisher, does the new REVIEW POLICY page and changes help you?

Thanks for checking out the new stuff and stopping by to chat!


5 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Sunday Snippets & Book Reviews

  1. Marq aka SmutGirl

    Great changes! The best thing I ever did was add a review request form to my site. It’s so much easier to handle than getting emails directly from the publisher, author etc. Emails get lost. Forms don’t.

  2. UnaReads

    I am excited about opening up the Sunday Snippets to authors whose books we cannot fit into the review schedule. Plus, I just love the Sunday Snippet feature. Nothing better than a sneak peak into a book to get a taste!