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Books vs. Movies…

Earlier this week, when I was at the doctor’s office, I was making small talk and mentioned I review books. This got the technician talking about how she loved the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. She specifically mentioned those books because of their corresponding movies.

These days, it seems society measures the success of a book and/or series by whether or not it becomes a movie. Some books are known equally for their written word as their visual production. Take for example, the Hunger Games trilogy. The kids in my neighborhood play “hunger games” in the yard (shooting pretend arrows), although only one has even read the books. They are familiar with the hype and production of the films from commercials and word-of-mouth.

I know that comparing books with their cinematic counterparts is an age-old discussion and debate over which is better. For me personally, if I read the book before the movie, I tend to like it better. Conversely, if I see the movie before the book, I tend not to read it or don’t enjoy it as much. I think that’s true for most of us. My one big exception is The Lord of the Rings trilogy (I enjoyed the movies MUCH more than the books!) But there are some books and movies that I enjoy equally. This is true of the Harry Potter series. While if I compare book and movie directly for each title, I will mostly pick the book over the movie (with the exception being HP 5: The Order of the Phoenix). However, on a whole, I find both the written series and the theatrical series both of high calibre and extremely enjoyable.

So I’m not going to debate here whether a book is better than a movie or visa-versa. What I want to know is…

What are your favorite movie adaptations from books you’ve read? Have you watched a movie that caused you to read its written counterpart? Did you enjoy the book after watching the movie? What book/series would you like to see made into a movie?

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5 responses to “Saturday Conversations: Books & Movies

  1. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    If I see the movie I won’t bother with the book. I already know what happens so why bother. I have TONS of other books read. But there was an exception. I read books 1-3 in the Harry Potter series after watching move 4 (I think).

    I just got into reading and had read Twilight series and a couple of other books and was looking for something to read. My husband told me to read the HP series. But after finishing the 3rd book I stopped. They were pretty much in line with movies so way continue. My husband keep reading the books get better than the movies because of all the things they had to cut from the movies. I told him I know the important parts and I’m good. LOL

    I read the Hunger Games when the last book was released. I like the books and movies equally. My husband read the books after we saw the 1st movie.

    I have Divergent on my iPhone in audiobook format and I will listen to it before going to see the movie.

    • I think that’s it, Jennifer. Once I’ve seen the movie, I have the story in my head, and I know what will happen. And if/when the book differs from the movie, it’s too hard for me to get the image created out of my head so I that can enjoy the book.

      On the other hand, when I read the book, I enjoy watching the movie to see how someone else envisioned the story. I also like to pick apart what was different, why it was changed, and if it works.

  2. Tanya Davis

    I still have not read the Twilight series, and I refuse to watch the movies until I do. I don’t know why I have put it off so long, but I am always scared to jump into something with a lot of hype because I don’t want to be disappointed. I have read all the HG and watched the first two movies and have liked both the books and the movies. I’m anxious to see how they work Mockingjay. I do compare a lot. I have been watching Bitten on Syfy and I find I’m comparing. I need to go back and read the book again though, because somewhere along the way, I’ve forgotten a lot of things.

    • You know, I get that way about books… I have a few series on my kindle or TBR shelf that I WANT to read, but after the hype dies down… I still haven’t read. I think now time has passed and there are new books to read and discover, so the older ones sit there. Someday…

  3. UnaReads

    I can read books independently of the movies. I typically will read a book before the movie, but that’s only if I know prior to going to see it that it was based on a book. There have been a few that I have seen where I most likely won’t go back because I know the story and the mystery within is already known to me. I see it as I am spoiled for the book. However, I have gone back to read the Jane Austin books that I grew up watching. I really enjoyed reading Pride and Prejudice…even having both movies memorized.