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Saturday Conversations

May 2014 summary

Back at the beginning of the new year, I listed my 2014 reading and blogging goals. I plan to post monthly updates on my goals as one of my Saturday Conversation posts near the end/beginning of each month.

  1. GoodReads Reading Challenge… 100 Books.
    In May 2014 I finished 10 books:
    Book #34: Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh (May 5, 2014)
    Book #35: Compelled by Shawntelle Madison (May 10, 2014)
    Book #36: Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep (May 14, 2014)
    Book #37: Holiday Sparks Shannon Stacy (May 15, 2014)
    Book #38: What a Woman Needs by Judi Fennell (May 17, 2014)
    Book #39: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews (May 20, 2014)
    Book #40: Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones (May 23, 2014)
    Book #41: The Kraken King Part VII: The Kraken King and the Empress’s Eyes by Meljean Brook (May 24, 2014)
    Book #42: The Kraken King Part VIII: The Kraken King and the Greatest Adventure by Meljean Brook (May 26, 2014)
    Book #43: Temptation in Shadows by Gena Showalter (May 29, 2014)
    If I want to finish 100 books by the end of the year, I need to read on average 8.33 books per month. That puts the tally at 41.7 books through 5 months, so I am right on track!
  2. Reading books off of my TRB pile instead of picking up new-to-me authors and series.
    I actually did read a book from my TBR this month! Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews has been on my Kindle since last fall. And although it was a new purchase, I did read Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacy just for fun.
  3. Featuring more LGBTQ authors and books on the blog.
    In May 2014, we featured three m/m reviews (two with blog tours) and featured our first f/f Sunday Snippet. I have been working with Riptide Publishing to feature more LGBTQ authors and books.
  4. Spending more time reading and less time tweaking the blog.
    Other than working on updating old blog posts as new books were reviewed in the series, I stayed away from any major changes.
  5. Opening up Sunday Snippets to authors as a chance to spotlight his/her work.
    This has REALLY taken off! All four Sunday Snippets in May were submitted directly by the authors and/or publicists.
  6. Continue Saturday Conversations Posts, but open them up.
    As I wrote in my post dated March 15, 2014, I’m dropping the weekly Saturday Conversations post for now. It’s just not working for me with the time spent on posts versus the readership of the feature. I will continue to post monthly updates, and perhaps in the fall, Saturday Conversations will return for a more regular appearance.


I’ve also been participating in the #BookBlogWalkers challenge hosted by Felicia The Geeky Blogger. I do weekly updates on this goal HERE, but I’ll also do monthly updates with my monthly goal updates.

My goal for May was moving with purpose for 30 minutes for at least 3 days per week, with at least 20 minutes 3 days per week, and no more than 1 day off per week. I also joined two “fitness challenges” on LoseIt! for May. The first was to track my food and exercise for every day in May. The second is to lose at least 5 pounds before June 21, 2014. This is my first “I want to lose weight” goal/challenge, and I feel it’s time. I’ve been working hard to get into better shape, and losing additional pounds is part of that. This will hopefully help me stay on track with better eating habits.

Overall, my May went well. I am having no problems keeping up with my walking challenge. I also have continued to track all of the food I consume. However, I when looking at the month on whole, I did not lose any weight during May. It was up two pounds, down two pounds from week to week. I know my eating has been a huge part of it, and this past week especially, I’ve wanted to overeat everything in sight. I’ll continue to monitor this, but maybe I’ve hit my “comfortable healthy” weight.

Coming up for June, I plan to change my goal to walking/moving 30 minutes/day for a minimum of 5 days per week.

So how did YOUR May go? Did you accomplish any goals? Did you set any new ones? 

Thanks for stopping by to chat!


4 responses to “Saturday Conversations: 2014 Goals May Update

  1. UnaReads

    Way to go! I’m so far doing well at maintaining a healthy weight. Book goals not so much, but I did read several new to me authors that I enjoyed.

    • Yea! And that’s why I call them goals – they are something to strive for, but not tied to. I’m glad you are enjoying some new authors!