Book Spotlight: My Hot Quartet by Isabella Johns

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MY HOT QUARTET is the complete, steamy collection of Volumes 1-4 of the “My Hot…” series.

What happens when a single working mom in her forties meets her dream erotic buddy with benefits?…. MY HOT FIREMAN!

What happens when a woman in her twenties unlocks the secrets of her body thanks to two very sexy men?…. MY HOT MENAGE!

What happens when a woman turning thirty gets engaged and has an off-the-charts, sizzling tryst with the most anonymous, hottest man she ever met?…. MY HOT STRANGER!

And what happens when a woman in her fifties, completely empty-nesting, embarks on the “ride of her life” with her domineering, leather-clad motorcycle instructor?…. MY HOT BIKER!

Four decades of women, each with her own personal conflict, who meet the hottest men on the planet, who get in touch with their carnal side, shed society’s norms and expectations, throw caution to the wind, and express the true deep passion, lust, and desire within them…. MY HOT QUARTET!

MY HOT MENAGE has been selected for inclusion in the Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 2014, edited by Maxim Jakubowski and due out next fall.

From the author:

Isabella IIOkay, let’s be honest, marriage can sometimes be a mixed bag…and so can dating…and so can being alone.

Perhaps like me you find yourself staring at every hot fireman, policeman, tennis pro, personal trainer, lifeguard, handsome stranger…and wondering what if?

What if somehow he was interested in me and we had a chance to start a mind blowing bonfire, sparks everywhere, body coming alive again?

I catch myself ogling and wondering far too often, with desire and need that continue to grow as my thoughts take on more intensity, lust, kink, and downright dirtiness.  I’m sure that if I don’t get the real thing soon I’m going to burst.  My salvation?  Putting hands to the keypad (at least it keeps my fingers occupied).

So I hope all four volumes of the “My Hot…” series give you some enjoyable variations to my theme, along with some titillating variety.

I’ll be most pleased if they inspire in you, as they have for me, a little joyous relief, a splendid break from the carpooling, food shopping, dinner planning, commuting, annoying boss, boring partner, or demanding children.

I’ll be most thrilled if these trysts, these steamy encounters, these vulnerable expressions of pure intimacy—that are so vivid in my mind, in my heart, and a few choice other places—seem as deliciously real and true for you.



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  1. Isabella Johns

    Thanks, Jen, for spotlighting my book. MY HOT QUARTET has been out as an ebook, but just became available in paperback.