Review: Long Time Gone by SE Jakes

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Long Time Gone
Author: S.E. Jakes

Jen Twimom
Rating: A-

What I’m Talking About:

Long Time Gone opens four months after the conclusion of Catch a Ghost, with Tom on assignment with his partner, Cope… the partner Tom chose over his lover, Prophet. During those four months, Prophet has been MIA and Tom has sent him emails daily: each a little more desperate and revealing than the previous.

Then there is Prophet. A man close to the edge of utter destruction and ready to leave his life completely behind to take a deep undercover covert operation. However, before he says yes, he decides to finally read the 122 emails Tom sent him, and suddenly, Proph finds himself on the way to New Orleans to take care of Tommy’s aunt.

Oh, Long Time Gone is JUST what I needed following my read of Catch a Ghost! The opening is heartbreaking when the reader sees how much Tom misses Prophet – how desperate he feels. It hurt to read, but it is necessary for readers to see how difficult it was for Tom to choose Cope over Proph. And this opening set up their reunion perfectly, allowing for all of the unspent emotion after four months apart to explode in one of the hottest, most passionate scenes I have ever read. I swear, my Kindle caught fire.

Tom and Prophet come a long way during the pages of Long Time Gone; however, it is not a smooth journey. Their story is full gritty fervor, with both characters desperate for more yet afraid that there is no future possible. The story of their love hits every emotion—highs and lows, and I have fallen for the pair. With this second story, the reader is privy to more of the detailed backstory of each Tom and Prophet, creating three-dimensional characters and giving real meat to their issues and conflicts. I appreciate Ms. Jake’s sublime world-building and character development, making Long Time Gone a hard-to-put-down read.

While Tom and Prophet’s building romance is the core of the story and series, Long Time Gone shares much of Tom’s backstory as he returns home only to find himself with more bad luck. While trying to help out his aunt’s neighbors, Tom comes across the dying body of one of his childhood tormentors. Tom is accused of murder, and soon he finds himself back in a web of deception and lies. The mystery behind this death, as well as others, relates directly to Tom’s past, and I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going on. Getting Tom to open up and come clean with both himself and Prophet added additional grit to the story.

As the conclusion of the book neared, I found myself a bit confused – or maybe a better word is flustered. I appreciate where the author took Proph and Tommy – it is well done. However a lot goes down, and I really want to read the next story to figure out what is going on. I am still very leery of Cillian – Proph’s CIA neighbor who flirts with Proph non-stop. I am also extremely curious about Prophet’s former SEAL teammates, who are brought up near the conclusion of the book. I worry that they will be another roadblock for Proph and Tom’s happiness. Also, there is some additional information regarding key characters from the first book, John and Sadiq, but nothing concrete.

In conclusion, Long Time Gone is a wonderful follow up to Catch a Ghost. I really like the forward progress of the mens’ relationship. While there is an interesting, exciting story in the book, the romance is the central piece. I appreciate how far the author took the pair – making their mutual growth both meaningful and realistic within the bounds of the characters. My heart yearns for this pair to be together, and I know they will be eventually, so meanwhile, I am appreciative of all the ups and downs of their journey. The story is utterly sexy, with both touching and explicit scenes, I am completely ensnared by Proph and Tommy and their story.

My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot


About the Book:

Soldier of fortune Prophet Drews always worked alone—until Tom Boudreaux became his partner. But when Tom walked away three months ago, ostensibly to keep Prophet safe, Prophet learned the true meaning of being alone. Everyone knows that Prophet, a Navy SEAL turned CIA spook turned mercenary, can look after himself. Which means he must’ve driven his lover away.

Even with half a world between them, Prophet can’t get the man out of his head. Maybe that’s why he’s in New Orleans in the middle of a hurricane, protecting Tom’s aunt. But the only looter around is Tom, bursting back into Prophet’s life. It turns out that Prophet’s been stuck in Tom’s head—and heart—too.

Their explosive reunion gets even hotter when Tom is arrested for murder. As they fight to clear his name, they delve deep into his past, finding enemies among everyone they meet. Staying alive in such a dangerous world is hard enough, but they soon discover that fighting to stay together is the most difficult thing they’ve ever done.

Release Date: October 28, 2013
Hell or High Water #2
ISBN: #978-1626490604
LGBTQ, m/m romance, Military/Suspense Romance
paperback (270 pages), e-book
Book Source: Purchased with my own funds

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Long Time Gone (Hell or High Water #2)

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    I love this series. LOVE. IT. I’m so glad it sounds like you’re just as taken with it. Tommy and Prophet…yes, please! Great review!!!